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Thread: Women that fish...

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    Women that fish...

    I would think it highly likely that its a common occurance these days. #
    Although I would think it still rare to see a woman in competition? #

    Anyway... I do actually have a couple of questions about it #

    1. How do you guys and girls feel about women in fishing?
    2. Is a man really interested in having a partner that fishes... considering it means she will be out with him on most fishing trips?
    3. How would you feel about being beaten by a woman in a competition?
    4. Would you seek advice from a female expert?

    Thats about it. #Just for curiosities sake. #

    Questions for the girls...

    1. Do you want to find other women that fish?
    2. Does your partner get sick of taking you out with him?
    3. Are you interested enough in fishing to learn as much as you can about it?
    4. How would you consider your knowledge and technique/skill?

    Thanks for satisfying my curiosity! #


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    Re: Women that fish...

    I feel it a great thing for women that fish, I learned alot of my offshore and trolling skills from the female deckie I was working with. She was absolutly brilliant.

    I'd love a partner that would be interested in fishing and the water, as it means there's another realm for you both to explore.

    I wouldnt feel any different about being beaten... a win is a win and a loss a loss.

    As for getting advice? If the person is better than you, you'd be the fool not to take advice and learn from it. Sex is not the issue

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi Ari,

    I love fishing and being able to fish with my partner, the only time he will go fishing with his mate is when I don't go, so most of the time we are fishing buddies, so I don't think he gets sick of taking me.

    It doesn't really bother me to find other women that fish, but I think it is great that more women are getting into the sport.

    I have so many fishing books and magazines that I am always learning new techniques and knots etc I am just getting into soft plastics now so I am still learning a lot, and you can never have too much knowledge.

    I was once in a fishing club and was pretty much the only female - so after a while of me always winning the womens section on weigh in days they ended putting me against all the males, and I don't think that they minded.

    Happy Fishing.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    my wife loves fishing and love taking her, we go out for a good 5-6hrs each time we go, (when we can get the grandparents to babysit). we have a great time talking, haveing a few drinks and when the fishing was slow,it was a good chance to ahhh how you say,get close to each other. hehehehe
    If i could get paid the same to fish, sorry boss but i ......!

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hello Ari

    I reckon the more women that fish the better, love the thought of spending a day on the water with my partner and if you can catch some fish too its a bonus. Being beaten by a women is not an issue, afterall part of being competitive is also about being a good sport. As for advice i need all the help i can get so always open to it

    all good as long as my rod is bigger than yours

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    Re: Women that fish...

    My wife hates fishing but when she can be persuaded to come out she always manages to catch more than me

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    Re: Women that fish...

    up untill recently I fished with my wife for over 20 years, no dramas, I hate those fishing shows that if a Female catches a fish, the host patronises them as if a Woman has never caught a fish or they are weaker or something, and carry on like it is a big deal, that really sh!ts me, I know quite a few ladies who could show a lot of male 'experts" a thing or two when it comes to our chosen pastime.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    whooops, recount I fished with her for over 30 years! or should I say we fished together, as she could reverse a trailer as good as anyone I know (except me of course) cut bait, fillet a fish or play one on stand up game tackle so I guess that is fishing together huh!

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    Re: Women that fish...

    I love to see women fishing as well as whole families. My wife is not reel fussed with it but will come for the familly thing. I have two daughters 8yo and 11yo and they love fishing.

    I know a few very keen female anglers that run rings around most mear males including me

    just thinking

    Q. how many women skipper their own boat or do a runner in their partners boats with the girls for a fish?

    Having a missus that wants to fish all the time would make it hard to get out with the boys once in a while, it would be a bit like cheating if your missus loves fishing and you take your mates instead. the boss lady would not be happy

    We did a boys week away fishing last year and left behind one very angry female partner of one of the boys > it did get rather ugly. I fully understood her stance but we all wanted a boys trip. I guess you can call me sexist if you must.

    I do encourage female anglers to get in and get their hands dirty and if they beet me I am satisfied that they are the better on the day and I get a buz knowing that they have enjoyed themselves.

    its all good and we all have equal skills on the water.

    Cheers Murf

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi Ari,
    We spend a lot of time fishing together. He is very keen for me to get over my sea sickness issue so we can go outside more often. I am by no means a gun fisho, and Roo is very supportive giving tips advise etc. He loves taking me tackle shopping, last week we went looking for a new rod and came home with 2 rods, 1 rod/reel combo and about $80 worth of lures/plastics!!
    He did go on a boys bass fishing weekend not long ago, I was not real impressed at being left at home. Boys weekends should be surfing not fun stuff like bass fishing!!
    Cheers Kim.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    I love to see women fishing, ahh who am I kidding, I just love to see women.

    In all honesty, who gives a rats about the sex of your fishing partner. Someone is either good value to go fishing with or they're not.

    On being outfished, who cares who it is that outfishes you, you still have to hate them for at least 5 minutes purely on principle. It could be Mother Theresa and I'd still shoot her a couple of hate filled steely stares >and after that I'd get over it and be thankful that someone I know is getting good fish and not that mongrel in the other boat 100 metres down stream. >

    If someone really knows what they are doing and is willing to talk about it, I'm willing to shut up and listen. I tend to learn things this way. Now seeing how I like to look at women, I think said female teacher would have probably have my undivided attention and as long as it wasn't Megan Gale wearing a string bikini I'd probably remember most of what was said.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    You will not find a more mad keen fisherman than my partner. She loves fishing.I agree with Noelm, i hate it when males patronise females who fish etc.

    My partner can land a lure 30cm from a snag thats 30yards away. She's caught more barramundi than most blokes I know. Having a partner who fishes is the greatest thing in the entire world in my opinion. Having a hobby you can share is wonderful. I still go on my anual "blokes" trip up far north qld and she doesn;t mind me going at all.

    I find women in general aren;t as fussy or egotistical in what/how big of a fish they catch. My partner would happily catch a barracuda as much as a coral trout.its more about the experience and not about the end result..

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    Re: Women that fish...

    For 37 long years she has outfished me! Both in club comps and general fishing. Its been a great time for us both. We can almost predict what the other is about to do.
    I never have to look for a decky nor try and train someone to do it my way. She usually does it her way haha. She has her own baitcasters, and many other reels & rods, too many to mention as well as her own rifles including a 308.
    She refuses to throw the cast net prefering to skipper the boats while I get wet & huh?
    She's been over the side in the middle of the night in crocodile infested waters helping me to cut a rogue net away from the prop without any complaints.
    I would have to travel far and wide to find another like her...thats why I married her 37 years ago. And her fish are always bigger than mine! Just ask her!

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    Re: Women that fish...

    You're a lucky man baldy.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Personally I think women who love fishing is such a great thing. I can't think of anything better than having a woman by your side enjoying and sharing the moments of what you love doing ie:fishing. It's a great way to bond in my opinion and if she wants to do better and outfish me then I "say bring it on!". Just as well my wife is not into fishing so I don't have to worry about the stiff competition but Herm if you read this then "Bring it on!"


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