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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hey Nicole

    I live just south of Toowoomba so go past your place on way to Brisbane etc and would love to go fishing sometime with you or other ladies. I'm not prissie but not butch either. Can do for myself. Have own boat but needs some work so won't be ready for a few months. Maybe we could go out in it together or with others when work is done on it. My phone number is 4697 1143 if you want to keep it and ring if you're going fishing.


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    Re: Women that fish...

    I'm on home duties so I handle all the finances, pay the bills etc. That said, The Deckie earns the money so I spend nothing without first asking her. Small things like bait, terminal tackle etc I get free reign, but it was she who decided on the whittley and the tinny and who am I to argue?

    I shop around and buy meat etc in bulk when it's on special and freeze it, so in some small way I like to think that I am contributing..........besides, it gives me more pennies for the bait


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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi Janine,

    I have put up a post in the "Going Fishing and M & G Section" and have asked one of the moderators to make it a sticky.

    Will have to touch base with you very shortly and work through some issues.................. A certain member is making my life hell about this atm; you know, the bloke who thinks the edge of the world is just past Everton Park, but I'll have the last laugh Janine, don't you worry about that!!

    Will keep in touch,



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    Re: Women that fish...

    janine..what can I do? absolutely nothing..I am a typical male...cannot do anything correctly.

    finances..I handle them with her approval for major purchases as in boats and home reno items. help from a woman to organise this M&G...own your own would I be giving you hell? never....BUT....payback for cracks about no hooks on the boat can be a real bitch huh...LOL

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hey PinHead

    Where are the hooks, line, sinkers and rods? #We had the bait they reckon chooks pretty good?

    and fuses, don't forget the fuses..............

    sorry buddy #couldn't help myself...

    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimo
    Hey PinHead

    Where are the hooks, line, sinkers and rods? #We had the bait they reckon chooks pretty good?

    and fuses, don't forget the fuses..............

    sorry buddy #couldn't help myself...

    LOL...I am going to adopt a Beattie attitude on this the end of the day...big smile for the cameras...I will look into it and get the appropraite Minister to ocnduct a complete and thorough inquiry.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hey Irene,

    We spoke Monday re. fishing in Feb,looking forward to it,i will return the favour in July when i get my new rig.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    My wife loves to come out fishing, and I've been teaching her to drive the boat and I want her to get her license soon. Herm, if you or any other ladies want to go for a license, my wife would love some female company on the day she does it.

    Only negative I have about wife fishing, is she nearly always out fishes me when she comes out..........

    Should be more women on the water.


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    Re: Women that fish...

    I love fishing but im not very good im still learning. i would love someone to teach me more i would love to go out with the guys or gals
    Does anyone know good sites to learn from?


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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi J / LittleBirdy,

    I dont really think you can learn from a website if thats what you mean? But I guess you can learn the basics. Im learning about fish species via fishbase... and well... this forum is as good a place as any to learn about anything else
    Though I am interested in peoples opinions of 'good websites'... perhaps a topic for a new thread? Or perhaps I can find a similar thread in the history


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    Re: Women that fish...

    just grab some info from here on gear and bait/plastics etc for certain locations and go and have a go...most comes with some experience.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Little birdy i'm the same still trying to get my head around everything but I think the best way for me personally is just practise, that may not suit everyone though but I do also read as much as possible and this site is a godsend

    In regards to the get together, i'd love to be in that, a bbq sounds great, though I'm a little unsure about going fishing as i'm still very very new to fishing and don't really have much of a clue as to what I'm doing as yet #[smiley=blush.gif] and#don't want to look like a tool #[smiley=laugh.gif], but if everyone can put up with me then count me in, id Love to meet you all

    Irene ( and everyone else who has their own boats) you guys are so lucky and i'd love to go out sometime as I can't get enough fishing anywhere anytime but again as I'm just learning I maybe be more of a hindrance than good fishing company lol. #I'm getting there [smiley=laugh.gif] though, didn't realize there was so much to learn but i'm loving every minute of it, would go out every day if i didn't have to work

    Ari: i've only been camping once #[smiley=blush.gif] on straddie but i was hooked after 5 mins, on of my new years resolutions ( amongst many others lol) is to get right into it, where abouts do you camp? if you feel like teaching someone then let me know #[smiley=laugh.gif]

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi Irene,

    We have to come to the Gold Coast so hubby can put in some wardrobes for his daughter and I would love to do some fishing while he works, if you are interested. Probably Feb I would think.


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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi Eleanor
    Give me a ring when you get down and we can try and organise a day my Mob> is 0414354775

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Check your PM's mate, at the top of the chat board.

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