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    Re: Women that fish...

    hi there

    i've been on quiet a few charters with the hubby and not many of

    them have other women so i know what it's like to have the men look sideways

    at you because they might offend me if they swear or fart near me.

    but i have the last laugh when they are hanging over the side hurling,

    and even better i caught the biggest cobia on the boat, i will always

    like fishing i find it relaxing

    happy fishing

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Well thats a message to get everyone chatting. I love being a 'woman who fishes' . It is a lovely way to spend time together as a couple. We live by the water and some of our best times are spent fishing. It is great to have shared memories of those times when...... the bream were jumping on the line one after another and the bucket was soooo heavy on the way out of the bush. Ahhhhhhh that was a year or that time my partner got so excited at the size of the flatty that he fell over a log to get to his rod..
    Yes it is a sport that is wonderful to share.
    Anyonethat fishes will know what i mean. I often look at women who sit and read or knit while their mate fishes.. and i reallly think that they are missing out./lorfe

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Eeeeeek!! says the Herminator!! Great White is home for a while!!! EEEEEK!! What shall I do? Woe is me!!

    Herm, I've had a thought. A flash. A vision. As you do, when you're TOL as I am. Not only that, but a GOM as well. As a GOM, I'm in good company; such as the Master, Pinhead, Chimo and others.

    What would you think about a BBQ somewhere, not on your turf, because that would be unfair on you, but somewhere where the ladies and their partners (God I hate the word partners: you're either a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, defacto, mistress/gigolo et al) could all congregate and liaise, intercourse socially, and generally carry on about our common interest?

    Now, the question has been put. How about it ladies? It would be a good chance for us all to get together.

    What do you think? Let me know.



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    Re: Women that fish...

    Nice to know there are so many other female fishers out there - I have been fishing for (dare I say it) more than cough mumble, mumble years, and much of that as a trout fly fisher - very few girls indeed. Do a bit of salwater too, and have just bought myself an SP outfit to use when I don't feel like getting out the long wand or going into the drought ravaged Monaro after trout.

    I guess it's pleasant memories of spending my two bobs pocket money on lines wrapped round corks, jumping off the rocks with the knife and swimming out to get cungi for bait of the rocks that were a bit harder to get at (parents didn't fish and so didn't know what we did) and bringing home bream or cod or fish I didn't know the names of. Or carrying home my first trout at age 9 when mum and dad said I'd never catch one!! Little girls can be very determined.

    I know all about those sideways glances, especially when I'm catching lots of fish and the boys aren't, but generally the males I have met on the rivers and lakes have been lovely people - probably because they're fishermen - and once they know you're a keen and competent fisher, they stop being condescending very quickly indeed. (If they don't I just smile at them and continue catching fish and mostly they go away). Men are much more accepting and welcoming of women fishers now than in the past and I have developed some long term friendships with men I have met on streams and rivers. I hope you do too!

    So yes, it's wonderful to see other women out fishing and to see such an incredibly positive response to this discussion thread from both men and women. I haven't really found any female fishing friends, but I have found over the years that men do quite nicely, thank you...and some are even willing to stay out when it's windy and raining, or when the flyline freezes in the runners 'cos it's 9pm and it's minus 4 degrees, and the fish are active, so you just can't go home. One more cast....sometimes even men get the sh#ts with me when I won't come back and have some dinner. After all, what's wrong with a handful of nuts and sultanas for dinner? Where are their priorities??

    So yes...we females can be mad keen fishers too...hope to see you all out there for many years to come...fishers are born, not made....despite early encouragement and opportunity neither of my children fishes, just as neither of my parents did. Who knows where the passion to fish comes from...I'm just very glad it came to me and to you too.

    Tight lines

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    Re: Women that fish...

    I would like to meet women and men that fish, I love fishing but my partner (sorry TOL I know you do not like that expression )and I go our own way and do our own thing which is sad after all this time but thats life. I am now looking to make new friends and do the thing I like doing best FISHING.
    I do live on the gold coast and my boat is at Runaway Bay Marina on dry stack, I usually go out on my own and stay overnight sometimes mainly in the Nerang River. I would love to meet someone to go fishing with or come fishing with me, I have a boat licence and a comfy boat, like a laugh and good humoured, met some of the guys at Wynnum on a M & G recently which was good. I know when I first joined Ausfish I put a post in for someone to go fishing with me and received some replies, my daughter spat the dummy saying that you don't know who you would be going with and was not very happy with the idea so I did not follow it up, but with a few M&G's I would soon meet up with a few fisho's. So I will be in a BBQ or whatever to meet up with some fellow Ausfisher's

    Happy New Year Irene......

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Irene - I have made some great friends on Ausfish - exactly the way you described - but I was the one that answered a call for a deckie! to a bloke that I had never met/spoken/PM'd to before! and I had a great time, learn't alot and caught my PB to top off a great day!

    Also answered a call for a deckie for PinHead and had a lovely day out on TMD!

    My parents thought that I was mad answering an internet call for a fishing partner - and I suppose that I was but it was reassuring when Brian's lovely wife rang to check that he was OK and that I was not an axe wielding maniac!

    I would like to think that most of the people on Ausfish are here for the same reason - to share their love of all things fishing! and that any dodgy members are far, far out weighed by the great guys and girls!

    Looking forward to meeting you soon!

    TOL - - now when exactly are you planning this BBQ for????? Come on you started it - you have to follow through!!! You know that you can count on me to help! and as much as I know I will probably regret the statement - I think that the idea of having the BBQ at "someones" house has the benefits of having everything onhand. Pete would be keen if the Pizza Oven was finished -but a BBQ would still be great! Let me work on Pete and I will let you know how I go!


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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi all
    Well most of the time i am out on the boat by myself during the winter months or out with friends but during the summer months my wife is with me most of the time as she to loves fishing an being out on the water

    i enjoy her company on the water as it gives us some quality time together by ourselves with no one around or meeting up with friends an just having fun in the sun

    the wife can fish an bait her own hook which is a bonus

    but the winter months are to cold for her as most of the time i am out overnighters or away for 3 days fishing an just to cold for her she reckons but that is when the good fish are around so i am always looking for a deckie during the winter months


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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi Janine,

    Just working on a few ideas atm. Numbers, date, logistics, all that stuff.

    Will have to jot them down and get back to you with them.

    I think it would be a good idea for some of the WTF to get together.


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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hey TOL

    You'r a bloke not a WTF, or are you suggesting a bit of catered care a la GOM style with or without the fish hooks, line, rods and reels but with plenty of free feed material as demonstated so well previously at the GOM M & G?

    Happy New Year fellow youngster


    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Women that fish...

    What about somewhere like Deep Water Bend that has a bbq area, playground, boat ramp and some areas for land based fishing, not that it's great during the daytime for fishing but you can normally get something there. Then nobody will be responsible for the final tidy up or for having to try and get me to leave their house before 4.00 am in the morning.

    The idea of a partners m&g is good it might even rekindle an interest in fishing for my girl.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Ah Chimo, you have been reading between the lines!!

    Yes, one must admit, the spread that was provided by everyone bar me on TMD was excellent!

    What a shame about no hooks being on board though. We had a feeding frenzy going, didn't we, out the back, and no friggin hooks!! >

    I really would like to get something happening with the WTF though, because it would give them an opportunity to meet up with each other. Not only that, but hopefully I could pick up some secrets about rigging for soft plastics, and boy, do I need that!!


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    Re: Women that fish...

    hang on..this topic is about women that fish...not men organising a barbecue.

    You blokes still carrying on about no hooks....for GOM nothing wrong with ya memories.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi all,
    Some interesting reading.
    My wife hates my boat (no Seats) >, and that suites me , as I took her fishing a couple of times and it annoyed the be gingies out of me .
    Have no problem with people of any sex going fishing, just happy that my better half is happy to stay at home. She also hates the 4 a.m start, thinks fisher people are mad to get up so early.
    Could you please not use abrieviated letters for words as I have no idea what you're saying, I tend to like living in the past when people spelt what the words are. ( I'm a bit simple like that. ) What is a GOM/TOL and such things.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Rob...GOM = Grumpy Old Men..the over 50's brigade of ausfish...bad tempered bunch of buggers they are.

    TOL = The Old Legend...members users name

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    Re: Women that fish...

    oops..WTF = women that fish as opposed to other shorthand for this .

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