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    Re: Women that fish...

    i would love to see more women fishing it is a great past time and should be enjoyed by all. I am just gettin my girl into it now, she loves it. Mind you her first fish was a Black marlin. Very funny especially when i gave her the rod and she asked "now what do i do". So if you thow em in the deep end beware but ease them into it and they can be hooked for life.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Quote Originally Posted by disorderly
    Cant have been a fun day on the charter boat.Its bad enough to get crook,without having to put up with sexist crap all day.I don't believe in the banana superstition either.
    Have you tried taking tablets for seasickness.Its a shame not to be able to enjoy the day as you obviously seem to like to go fishing and boating.
    Keep at it and don't let the odd d!ckhead put a dampener on a great pastime.

    #Cheers Scott
    Naahh won't let it be a dampener REEL EASY charters out of Redcliffe are the ones that miss out.

    Looking to go on another either the last weekend in January or the first weekend in February depending on dates off for everybody.

    Havent found that wonder pill yet to help the sea sickness took travel carm (500mg ginger) and all it did was burn my throat coming up.
    " Put a beer in one hand and a rod in the other and We're in Heaven! "

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    Re: Women that fish...

    you gals/guys should set up a meet & greet

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi Nichole...

    Wow what a small world I used to live in Toowoomba, have done for many years but am now in brissy. I'd also love to do a women's charter as well, have seen charter's on straddie when i was over there camping but wouldn't like to go on a guys one after hearing your experience, that's so rude of that guy. Have you been fishing long? i've just started so still abit slow setting my gear up but I just love it.

    I agree with you I could definitely go fishing anywhere, anytime and i'm not afraid to get my hands or myself dirty and learn everything i can, couldn't go fishing with anyone who was scared of a bit of dirt. Do you go camping etc?

    Unfortunately I don't have boat either, not quite to that stage of getting one yet either i must admit lol, but it does open up a whole new world of places to go.

    Take care

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi there Girls

    I have been fishing as long as I can remember! #My family have always had a holiday house at Golden Beach, Caloundra and my first trip up there was when I was 3 weeks old! #Dad has a photo of my lying next to a flathead bigger than me - charming!

    I have always been an "Alvey" girl until I discovered the darkside - Soft Plastics and bought myself a nice little combo and I am hooked!!! #My husband had a few choice comments about how little the combo is - but guess who has caught more fishies!

    Definately a "get me hands dirty girl" and pump my own yabbies, bait my own hooks, remove the fish and clean them - and then of course end up doing the sooking as well! #and I actually get stuck tying all the knots on both mine and my husbands rods!

    I just love it and I would get out more if I would get my bum into gear and get my licence! #Revenge of the Deckie!!!

    I will keep an eye out for the Girl's M&G!!!


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    Re: Women that fish...

    Quote Originally Posted by shubeej
    you gals/guys #should set up a meet & greet
    I have a 4x4 M&G under planning at the moment so keep an eye out in the Going Fishing-M&G section. Although it is essentially a 4x4 trip it will be set up so that people who have 2wd cars can still join in by taking a different route. The venue will be at Archer Camping ground Mt.Mee and the trip will be a weekender. The plan is that people with 4wd's can do some discovering throughout the weekend and those who want to become a passenger in one of the vehicles can just simply jump in and hang on. It is quite close to Bribie Island too so for those who want to head off and have a fish can do so as well. The camp ground has a nice swimming hole so everyone is well covered. All welcome to join in so keep an eye out for it in the M&G section and also the 4wd-offroad section for updates.



    He who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    I have been fishing with the better half for near on 35 years and now have 3 daughters and a granddaughter who all love fishing. They all love to drive the boat so I dont argue and let them. They all especially love mud crabbing and the sight of a really big angry muddy buck landing on the floor of the boat ready to crunch any toe or finger close enuff still brings a laugh when they try to jump 50ft away from it a 12ft dingy. A really funny sight. Anyway they certainly know what fishing is about and they are good company. By the way I have a son also who loves fishing and is partners with me in the boat on the pic.

    Cheers Bob

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Good to see the "Herminator" is still showing the blokes how it's done. How many species are you out to on the soft placcies now??
    Instead of waiting for a girls m&g, why don't you just jump in and organise it. I'm sure you'll get all the support you need. Don't tell anyone I said this but I believe T.O.L. is an absolute gun on a barby.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi Ari
    Yep Me like a heap of other Ausfishos have a partner that loves to fish, mine sometimes out fishers me and is never short of advice on what I should be doing to catch that Next Big Un, but hey thats women, its up to you wether you listen or turn off!!! ha ha ha Seriously though , mine is the deckie the cleaner , she drives the boat on and of the trailer , sets up the electrics, { resets distances, fuel, sets the GPS to where we are going to fish} realistically she can do all I can , and yes we do have our moments when we don't agree about something out on the water. Mine comes out with me everytime I go out, and honestly I would rather go with her as she knows what and how to things.
    Would'nt have it any other way, so here's one for the Women that love to fish

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    Re: Women that fish...

    and another

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jellie
    Hi #Nichole...

    Wow what a small world I used to live in Toowoomba, have done for many years but am now in brissy. #I'd also love to do a women's charter as well, have seen charter's on straddie when i was over there camping but wouldn't like to go on a guys one after hearing your experience, that's so rude of that guy. #Have you been fishing long? i've just started so still abit slow setting my gear up but I just love it.

    Need to have the blokes on a charter to keep the challange up. I have ben fishing for as long as I can remember but more of a deckie than a fisher. I remember the days when I was little getting dragged out of bed at some ungodly hour to go to pottsville then have to run back and forth from the beach to the car to give dad bait and stay warm!! those were the days.

    Still haven't got knots down pat - should practice more and I am only 4'9 so have a bit of trouble wiht the heavier tackle, allergic to eating what I catch and get seasick so you could say that I am pushing s*#t up hill but I am obsessed with it so I work through the challanges.

    My other half has a lot of gear. He is a prison guard and only works 7 days a fortnight. He has a Plano "trunk" and draws full of tackle as he got a deal from the local hardware when they were selling everything off - $1500 worth of eagle claw, mustad and other tackle for $500.00. no bad and he as 7 rods.
    " Put a beer in one hand and a rod in the other and We're in Heaven! "

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    Re: Women that fish...


    What an enlightening and poignant subject. #To the girls and guys that have responded in a most positive way, well done.

    We here like to encourage discussion and participation in fishing, a hobby, sport, recreation, wherever you wish to call it, and it is not restricted to any gender or age group.

    Participate in any way that you feel comfortable with and with whom you are comfortable. #Fishing is a common denominator which transends gender and age, it brings together like minded people, it educates us and tests us, it is a lifestyle that here in Australia is imbedded in our burgeoning culture.

    You will never have a better day on the water, than with the one you love.

    If you feel an M & G is is on the cards, go for it. #Should you need assistance, we are here to help, but I am sure you won't need it.

    As alluded to here somewhere, it all starts as a youngster and then you're hooked ( pun intended ).

    Pic below is a starter.

    Cheers # Phill

    Kingfisher Painting Solutions:- Domestic and Commercial.

    For further information, contact details, quotes or advice - Click Here

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hi Shayned,

    How have you been?

    I'll do the barbie if the Herminator shows me a few tricks as to how to rig up for soft placcies.

    You see, I'm getting the urge more and more to move to the dark side and give the softies a go!

    Purchased a little Shimano 7' 2 - 4 kg rod during the week, and have attached a little spinning reel with 10lb line. Too heavy maybe? Don't know.

    Was looking at pumpkinseed softies as well. Need to know more about jig head weights, leaders, etc.

    Oops!! This might be more suited to the "Tackle" section.

    Take care,


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    Re: Women that fish...

    Without wanting to go off topic, if you can handle a bit of wading, I'm happy to put you on to some flatties on the placcies. Need a new moon for the best chance. PM me when you're keen.

    Tell you what if Janine gets the m&g together I'll strap an apron on and give you a hand with the barbie .

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    Re: Women that fish...

    How did I end up in the middle of this???????? #Only joking! #

    Great White is now home with me for 6 weeks!! eeekkkk! and I will have a chat to him later about organising something. #If only he had the pizza oven finished!

    What would you all prefer -

    A BBQ and drinks


    A fishing trip????

    Looking forward to your thoughts!!!

    Thanks for the offer TOL and Shayned - don't worry - if it does get up and running you 2 will be the first on my PM list


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