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    Re: Women that fish...

    the wife and i do fish together in a fishing club we club fish once a month shes in the ladies comp still learning like me but loves it got her first jack last month i got nothing good on her.

    cheers Paul

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Just as well my wife is not into fishing so I don't have to worry about the stiff competition but Herm if you read this then "Bring it on!"
    That might be a bit easier if either of us had our boat licence!

    Pete is finishing up at work on the 29th December - so anytime after that we will have our Captain!

    Come with us - I would enjoy a bit of competition!!!!


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    Re: Women that fish...

    I see lots of women that are good fisher people and its great to see them having a go.

    signed tunaman

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Fortunately my wife is allergic to fishing.This gives us some space from each other.We live and work together so our time apart is nice for both.

    cheers Scott

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    Re: Women that fish...

    I think women fishing is great!I'm the only male in my household and we all go,the missus,kids and the dog all like going but not as much as me so I still get to go with mates as well.I always ask my wife if she wants to go before anyone else.My wife can take or leave the fishing but loves where it takes her and she loves being on the water even went and got her boat license.Just the other month she and her friend grabbed the kids and went for a run in the boat to Dunk island for the day.It was the first time she'd taken the boat,I was quite proud of her.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    I love female company while fishing, I can always use a few lessons on how to multi skill in a boat. One of the best fishing adventures this year was with someone elses wife who replied my post in the "going fishing" section. Till then we were practically strangers, but the experience of getting out for a fish together is the same as with any of my mates/ deckies. We had a great time, and..... I had to eat some humble pie and admit, Herm outfished me two to one

    If it were a bloke, being outfished on this occasion I would have said " beginners luck"

    On this occasion I will have to say that it was a result of the top rate tuition, patience and experience I taught her. A bit of natural ability may have been part of the equation too!!

    Looking forward to the next time, I am always trying to encourage my wife and two girls to come out with me, but in between shopping, sleepovers, movies, birthday parties, school concerts etc etc, fishing with Dad seems to draw the short straw.


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    Re: Women that fish...

    Hello Ari,
    Interesting post.

    From a Grumpy Old Man's personal perspective, and bearing in mind that I cannot speak on behalf of all the GOM's on the site, I would like to say that I am proud to know, and have liaised with three lovely ladies who are members.

    Two are dead set experts, one of whom fishes so hard it's not funny and she is always willing to impart her expertise to me so I can learn. To her, fishing is a way of life, as she says. It is nothing to her to travel hundreds of kays just to go fishing, whether it be hard reef stuff or light tackle freshwater fishing.

    One of the others is a prolific writer in various magazines, so I always take note of what she imparts in the way of knowledge. Another one lives nearby and her enthusiasm is second to none. She is willing to go out and explore things just so she can see how things work. Not only that, but she can take a joke at her own expense. (or her husband's)

    So Ari, yes, I would be pleased to have a female in a boat or on the the shore or whatever.

    I would have absolutely no issues whatsoever if a female person outfished me. I would be looking closely at what she is doing and asking questions.

    Women in competitions? Why not? No problem to me.

    I think we are all, as fishers, beyond the old days where it seemed to be a man's domain to gather and hunt and the wife had to cook the day's take.

    I think that's about it from me. I'm done. Nearly exhausted. Bloody near stuffed. It's a triple D today. Must uphold traditions you know.


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    Re: Women that fish...

    I only wish my wife [smiley=gorgeous.gif] liked to fish as much as i do. [smiley=cry.gif]


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    Re: Women that fish...

    2 all the young fella's out there toying with marriage, make sure your wife 2 B loves fishing, just think of the great boat u will have, something to think about, Cheers 2 all Whitto

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    Re: Women that fish...

    yep good thing female fishers,my partner had her boat licence before me
    so i was the deckie . I loved watching her fight and bring her first big flattie to the boat,i couldnt get the smile off my face,that day she ended up with 3 flathead
    1 tailor and a big bream and i only had 1 small flatty to my name,But the
    best bit was back at the ramp the guys watching me clean them saying how good the fish were,then i had to say "yep she caught them".She goes out on the boat almost everytime unless she has to work,then my brother becomes first mate.

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    Re: Women that fish...

    There should be more of it! I saw quite a few ladies on the water at Moreton, but not many that were really taking it as something other than a holiday distraction. Would be good to see some more committed female anglers.
    Fishing for the thrill, not for the kill

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    Re: Women that fish...

    Interesting topic.

    I'll try and answer some of the questions.

    I skipper my own boat, and I don't see that it's a big deal, although the reaction of some males when I'm out at sea is quite funny.

    I've yet to find another female who is as serious about their fishing & I don't care & to be honest I would much rather fish with males, I honestly don't know why, that just me.

    As for competitions, I seriously don't think there should be 'women only comps', I know that's a bit harsh, but I've never come across male only comps. I would go even further by saying, there should only be a senior winner and a junior winner of a comp.

    Perhaps more age groups instead of gender. I had this discussion with Leeanne not long ago, her view was different to mine and I respect her views, maybe being pro active would have benefits in the long run.

    Once I was denied membership to a fishing club on the basis of sex, and that really hurt. Ironically years later I was a guest of honor at their annual presentation night. On the other hand I can't see a problem with fellas having a weekend of fishing to themselves, it's not a competition, it's just mates getting together and that's different.

    Due to my obsession with fishing, all my best friends are male, and to them I'm just another fisho and that's the way it should be.

    To answer your last question Ari, I feel I know as much as an average fisho, but I realize that one is always on a learning curve when it comes to fishing & I don't care who I learn from, young or old, male or female.

    Ari, lot of thought has gone into your topic & it's all good.

    Cheers Roz



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    Re: Women that fish...

    Quote Originally Posted by Herefishyfishfish
    I would think it highly likely that its a common occurance these days. #
    Although I would think it still rare to see a woman in competition? #

    Anyway... I do actually have a couple of questions about it #

    1. How do you guys and girls feel about women in fishing?
    2. Is a man really interested in having a partner that fishes... considering it means she will be out with him on most fishing trips?
    3. How would you feel about being beaten by a woman in a competition?
    4. Would you seek advice from a female expert?

    Thats about it. #Just for curiosities sake. #

    Questions for the girls...

    1. Do you want to find other women that fish?
    2. Does your partner get sick of taking you out with him?
    3. Are you interested enough in fishing to learn as much as you can about it?
    4. How would you consider your knowledge and technique/skill?

    Thanks for satisfying my curiosity! #


    Hi Ari,
    1: i think its great and should be more women out there fishing

    2: i really wished my wife would come fishing more often

    3: dont bother me at all, be good to see

    4: depends on what she is wearing at the time , (only kidding) any adivce from a fisho expert i would take in as i know i will never stop learning


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    Re: Women that fish...

    Thanks to every one that has replied to this topic!! There have been some fantastic answers.
    By the way... if one of you was to have a negative opinion of fishing-women that wouldnt bother me, each to their own
    Im actually surprised at the amount of men that would be more than happy or even wish that they had a partner that went fishing with them

    I'd love to go out fishing and just feel like 'one of the guys' if you know what I mean. I want to relax, have fun and not feel like my fishing skills are being judged solely because of my sex... I have actually turned down going out in the boat with my Dad because it would be me, my father and four of his work mates. I'd love to bring a friend along with me, or my partner. Pete wont go though, because its a non-smoking boat and Pete is a smoker. None of my other friends are interested in fishing!!!! Maybe its time for new friends ;-)

    Roz, I have to agree with you... for a number of reasons... competing in a 'female' section at a fishing comp would seem hollow... there would likely be less competitors, right? And not only that, but those that may consider a female to be 'inferior' arent going to change their mind if all the female winner is competing against is other women. But... on the other hand... it does provide a leg up to women who are interested but who find the thought of diving right into the deep end and competing against men daunting!!! Having loved fishing all my life but having very little knowledge, it would be very daunting for me to jump right into competing against the men... not to say that women arent as good as men, but the pressure to prove yourself against the men (even if it is in your own head) would be greater. (by the way, I dont subscribe to feminism either... I believe men are men and women are women, always have and HOPEFULLY always shall be and that each has their own strengths and weaknesses)

    Personally... I think that in todays society... with the excessive hours we are expected to work to keep our heads above water... it wouldnt be much of a relationship if we couldnt share our hobbies... considering we have so little spare time on our hands as it is. But what could be better than having your best friend, life companion and lover - all in one - by your side to share the moment when you pull in a PB?

    Anyway... thats my 2 cents worth Thank you all very much for your responses!!


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    Re: Women that fish...


    Would like to add one more thing regarding female only fishing comps, they usually have men driving the boats, so whats the point.

    Again, brilliant topic.

    thanks roz.


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