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    Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    Seems that stealing pots happens everywhere.
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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    IMHO the only way to ensure they dont get stolen or raided is to keep them in line of sight of your boat at all times.

    As we all know, this restricts wher you go once you drop them...... be nice if you could trust your fellow man to be honest and leave them alone.................. but these days that only appears to happen in fairy tales.

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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    What I now do is tie a few 1/0 size bronze trebles on the pot line,I used to use old bait jigs , but not as much fun. Sometimes I just tie a rock on the end of the rope and a 2ltr milk bottle with no pot at all just to let them know the error of there ways.
    I have had a gut full of the theives and I dont have a problem if they spend a bit of time at hospital.

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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    I'm with Trilogy.

    I'd just love to catch one in the act, it wouldn't be pretty

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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    Put a sign on your pots saying "smile, your on camera" recond they would get wiplash looking for owner of the pot.
    Cheers Ian

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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    Be careful, in theory you can be charged with grevious bodily harm if someone injures themselves badly on a booby trap, it's a bit like giving someone a hiding because they break into your house. Despite the fact they are breaking the law, you can't take matters into your own hands, irrespective

    It's' a shame, I have lost quite a few pots too, so I just don't bother anymore
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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    Here in SA it's now ok to use whatever force is necessary (and more) to "protect" your home and property so giving some scrote a hiding in your own home is not only legal but can be fun too . Also , "he came at me when I challenged him judge", works as well when your out and about .

    Here's an exerpt from the "The Law Handbook" available from the SA legal services commission-

    Defence of property

    A person is entitled to use such conduct as he or she genuinely believes is necessary to defend property from being taken, destroyed, damaged or interfered with; to prevent criminal trespass; or to arrest someone unlawfully at large - as long as the conduct was reasonably proportionate to the threat the defendant genuinely believed to exist (see also: Home invasion), and if the conduct resulted in death, the defendant did not act recklessly or intend to cause death.

    Home invasion

    In the case of a home invasion (that is, a serious criminal trespass in a place of residence), acting for a defensive purpose or to defend property can be complete defences to an offence, including murder, even if the defendant's conduct was not reasonably proportionate to the perceived threat [s15C Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935]. This section is not available if the victim was an on-duty police officer, or if the defendant was themselves engaged in criminal activity that might have given rise to the threat, or if the defendant was affected by drugs (unless involuntarily taken, or prescribed or over-the-counter and used appropriately).
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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    I have a little message wrote on ice cream copntainer lids and tied to my pots that reads.CAN YOU FIND THE RED DOT THATS AIMED AT YOUR HEAD RIGHT NOW.THE CHOICE IS YOURS ARE YOU FEELING LUCKY PUNK.


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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    All you need is a faster boat and a piece of 35mm ally about 600mm long and once you catch them you *********************. Simple as that

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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    An electric fence setup connected to said crabpots works well Not that I have ever done it

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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    I like the idea of hooks on the ropes but imagine if the fishos pulled your pots to check for name tags or whatever and ended up hooked. Geez you would be in some trouble!

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    Re: Ways to prevent theft of crab pots

    I just stick to the old wire pots. They don't bother with them anymore as they seem to be after the newer designs that are worth more. No consolation for the honest guy who had to buy them in the first place.

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    excuse the ignorance ... why do pots get stolen ?
    they are - relatively large items, difficult to conceal, worth $5-$25 secondhand etc
    anyone ever seen possibly stolen pots 4 sale?
    are there buyers for them ?
    seems like a big risk compared to the wrath that could be endured
    are "scum" really that desperate?
    where do most of the stolen pots end up?

    MalM (puzzled)

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    probablly the scum steeling them are sinking them all over the creeks for themselves.. you know the pots we all hit with our motors and catch with our lines when fishing cause we don't know they are there?? We need more policing of this kinda stuff on the water before people start taking action themselves and making the local creeks and rivers a dangerous palce.


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    Same in QLD matey.

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