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Thread: crayfish pot

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    crayfish pot

    wanna buy a couple

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    Re: crayfish pot

    hi lucyloo,
    i came across a bloke in airlie beach a couple years ago that made cane ones, but i wonder why they wont go into normal crab pots,
    also saw a few years back drum shaped plastic ones, but i have not seen any around the shops for years, i would be interested myself in one
    for coral crays.

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    Re: crayfish pot

    i,ve got the usa made ones for sale black heavy grade plastic cheers

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    Re: crayfish pot

    Quote Originally Posted by wayneoro
    i,ve got the usa made ones for sale black heavy grade plastic # cheers

    any pics & $

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    Re: crayfish pot

    G'day Fella's,

    Ive got plenty! How many you after? Only problem... freight (or whatever you call it )

    I will include a pic of a couple. Each pot has about... 5/6 metres of hank rope attached.

    Sorry about the pic... its dark and the i dont know $hit about how to operate the cam with a flash...


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    Re: crayfish pot

    theo, those are yabby traps.. you can get 5 for $15 and a shop that can't be mention on here.

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    Re: crayfish pot

    She hasnt stated what type of cray she is after mate...
    So Fresh? salt? How can you expect many people to reply if you just go 'Yeah, i wanna buy a couple, full stop'. Who knows what she is after...


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