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    Flyline Maintenance

    I have a Cortland flyline and it came with a packet of goo and a pad which is to be used for cleaning the line.
    When should I do this?
    Don"t say "when it gets dirty"
    What does dirty mean? Does it men the line feels a little different as I run it through my fingers or will I see the dirt build up?

    I have a heap of cleaning pads containing isopropyl alcohol which I used to use to clean high voltage insulation products prior to installation. Would this be ok to use on the flyline?

    Thanks for the replies and here's hoping that the new format brings in some ew blood.


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    Re: Flyline Maintenance

    Considering that fly lines are important investments in a fisherman arsenal, and the cost of these thing are not cheap. I try to make a habit of washing my flyline after ever trip in the salt and the application of a little line “glide”.
    As a lot of fly lines are designed with special coatings to help them shoot , I would be wary of using the isopropyl alcohol cleaning pad as these may strip the line of this coating and it may hasten the leaching of the plasticizer within the line…..
    I’d wash the line with lukewarm water dry it and then apply the cleaning solution which may contain a lubricant that helps shootability and stops the line from becoming brittle….
    One of the big killer of fly lines is “Deet”, so watch out for that insect spray…..
    Fly line while not in use for long periods of time can be stored in the refrigerator to help keep them in top condition, if you can get around the missus minding.

    Steve Ooi

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    Re: Flyline Maintenance

    Thanks for the reply Steve,
    I do wash everything down after each outing but I found a couple of hundred of these wipes and am trying to find a use for them..... I'll give the flyline a miss.

    I was given a tube of silicone grease recently and I remember using this for buffing/polishing epoxy insulators ,I wonder how this will react with the flyline. Any ideas?

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    Re: Flyline Maintenance

    Hi Brett,
    To add to what Stever told you, I wash mine in warm, slighty soapy water after every trip to the briny stuff & every now & then in the fresh (usually when I think of it or when I notice some crap buildup or loss of performance).
    I lay the line on a towel till dry then lightly coat with a dedicated dressing. I was once told not use armorall or similar products as it will dryout your line & cause cracks etc, so I never have.


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    Re: Flyline Maintenance

    A bit off of the subject but, I have used them alcohol pads on my sunnies and it works a treat. Don't know if it harms them or not? Haven't seem to hurt mine

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    Re: Flyline Maintenance

    HI Dazza,
    I too keep a box of alcohol wipes in the boat for exactly the same reason. Cleans up the 8) like nothing else.

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    Re: Flyline Maintenance

    Thanks guys,
    I'll put a couple of handfulls of those wipes in the car for the glasses.

    I also appreciate the assistance regarding the silicone etc etc.


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