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    Flyrod question....

    OK gurus, just purchased a nice 6# from a second hand place a few weeks ago.
    I think its a bargain given that it casts beautifully and I have boated 6 Bass on surface fly in two trips thus far!!
    Its a CUSTOM GRAPHITE INTREPID 8`5" two piece Model #COG2F85. AFTMA 6-7.
    Came with a Diawa SF708 reel spooled with a cortland light tan floater.
    Best part though....only paid $70 for the whole shooting match.

    Anyone have any clues on the rod?

    Regards, Randall.

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    Re: Flyrod question....

    The intrepid range of fly rods are or were handled in Aus by EJ Todd the Loomis people.I remember a loooooonnnnngggg time ago using one in an 8wt for river bass and it worked very well.They don't have any probs that I know of.Good value and cast well.I think they retailed at around $120-140.Ebjoy your bargain.

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    Re: Flyrod question....

    Bluey you ole dog, ;-) hope your enjoying the new lifestyle!!

    We have to have a fish soon. Maroon surface Bass interest you at all? Call me anytime.

    Thanks for the info on the Intrepid.

    Regards, Randall.

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    Re: Flyrod question....

    The $70 question must be Randall, where did you find that little bargain?????????
    I'd like to head up to Maroon more often this Summer. If you're looking for a decky give me a call. I'll get my boat up there when I can also.
    See ya

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