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    Memory fly lines


    To get the memory out of fly lines is it possible to let the line soak in warm water then lay in big loops before placing back on the spool????????

    If not what should i do

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    Re: Memory fly lines


    Soaking the flyline in warm water will probably get the memory out of the flyline. But once you put it back on the reel and the flyline cools the memory will return. I don't know what will happen to the flyline if the water is too hot. ???

    I just give my flyline a good stretch just as I strip it off for the 1st cast. Hooking a big fish, or tangling the flyline on a tree on the backcast will get the memory out too


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    Re: Memory fly lines

    If fishing from a boat at the start of the trip (like strait of the boat ramp) feed your fly line in to the water and slowly troll it (no fly on the line). Just be careful and it takes about 200meters or so to get a nice line.

    I some times do this location permiting or I just streach it as I pull it from the reel prior to the first cast. Pull a section of the reel tread on it and pull up with the reel to streach, repeat this till you had enough.

    Best way to do it is via a big fish.


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    Re: Memory fly lines

    Well that gives me a couple of options of course the stretching from a big fish gets me exited. So now i better just go find me a big fish.

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    Re: Memory fly lines

    muzzy you could alway tie a lure on and give it a really good stretching as you troll along

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    Re: Memory fly lines

    Give a good wash in warm soapy water, dress it with a good
    quality dresssing and let it lay in the sun on a clean surface,
    or hang it from the clothes line in big loops, and let it relax
    for a day or two, or just make a simple wooden foot with four
    nails at each end, wash it and loop it loosely on there,
    put a nail in the middle to hold the spool and backing together



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    Re: Memory fly lines


    There are a few things to consider; firstly is your fly line suited to the temperature? If you are trying to use a clear intermediate line that is a tropical temp line during winter it is likely to coil and have considerable memory simply because it is too cold.

    If your reel has a small arbour and not much backing this can also encourage line memory.

    Taking a short section of line and trying to straighten it by pulling can seperate the outer coating from the inner core which ends up with the outer coating cracking #prematurly .

    As long as your line is of a reasonable quality, the right temperature range and the arbour not excessivly small all should be well.


    Chris. # #

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    Re: Memory fly lines

    Some of the clear lines on the market are rather prone to memory. On the way to my spot, I put the whole reel inside my pocket thus warming it up slightly. Before it cools or touches the water I give it a stretch. It seems to help.
    Then again, other times I just put up with it & let the full length out & harl along for a bit.
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