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    Offshore Streamers

    Was watching a vid today and a fella was useing flys called Offshore Streamers, these looked to be a fantastic baitfish profile,has anyone had anything to do with tyeing these and as a beginer fly tier would thay be hard to tie??
    Hookin, Brett Finger

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    Re: Offshore Streamers

    I myself have no experience tying and have just started to fly fish but I found a site the other day that might help you.It's got step by step diagrams on basic tying methods and is Hope it might help.
    Cheers Luke

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    Re: Offshore Streamers

    Thanks for that mate, will go for a look!!
    Hookin, Brett

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    Re: Offshore Streamers


    Streamers are fairly quick and easy to tie, even if your new to the vice. Materials are basic, but they do not last too well for offshore species and especially for those who are toothy.

    Better to use a flashy profile or minnow profile instead which have a bit more life in them.

    I can show you how to tie the latter - in our own pattern - if interested, especially if you want a baitfish profile fly that can be scented.

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    Re: Offshore Streamers

    Mate thanks fore that i'd be keen to learn how to tie them, i am very new to tieing flys mate, you'll have to have some spare time
    are you in Brissy?
    Hookin, Brett

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    Re: Offshore Streamers

    G'day Brett

    Yep I am in Brisbane. Ph: 3311 5262. Feel free to give me a call during business hours and arrange a time to drop in. I am at Wilston. No need to bring anything.

    After that, if you want to go on and learn other patterns then I will refer you on to colleague of mine.

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