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    Tuna going off!!

    it's offical.... the long Tails are going off in Hervy bay at the moment!!
    good fish to 15kg are activally feeding and breaking Fly-Rods a mate of mine in bundaberg has reported that the schools of fish are in the area as well!!!
    also good jacks are starting to make an appearance in the baffel system as well with a likeing for a well presented pink thing,this comes as no supprise as haveing taken nurmious fish there last summer on same fly.
    hookin, Brett

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    Re: Tuna going off!!

    Big Fella,

    Just got of the plane from Bundy. Spent the week camping at Mon Repo with the family and relatives.

    Mac Tuna and massive Long Toms off Mon Repo. Not big school but a few around. My brother-in-law caught several Mac Tuna every day we went out on slugs. Was not until the last day I got a Mac Tuna on Fly. Blooded the Ross Canyon reel.

    No Longtails around. I'll have to get up to Hervey Bay after I get back from Weipa. Brett, where about's in Hervery Bay?? The sunshine Coast hooked up a couple down near Tin Can Bay.

    I fished 1770 and Bustard Head(blowing a gale and we had the whole ocean to ourselves), we caught a Red emporer on bait and mac tuna on slugs.

    Tried Lake Monduran for Barra, resorted to live gar(the horror) for catfish. Was thinking about going to Awonga for a Barra.

    I have to tie some more pink things for Weipa, lost a stack to the snags at Monduran.


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    Re: Tuna going off!!

    mate hope you have the cool underware packed for weipa!!
    it's fireing at the moment,i have mates all around the top who kindly ring and rub it in about the fishing(Bastards)
    The bay , my mayes are staying at Pona and getting the Longtails in the straights!!!
    will have to get up to bundy to visit my mother soon (when the fishing picks up) :-)
    sounds like you had a good holiday mate,a nice relaxing time to gather the strenght to nail all those Snubies up the top!!
    good luck mate i'll talk when you return.
    Hookin, Brett

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