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    Hinchinbrook Permit

    Hi Guys

    Heading up to Lucinda to fish around Hinchinbrook Is. This is my first attempt to locate and catch Oystercracker or Aussie Permit on fly. Has anyone done this before? What fly, conditions, what to look for and maybe tips on location.

    Dale T

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    Re: Hinchinbrook Permit

    mate how it been,good i trust.
    as for were the mouth of the Seymore river is the place thay get them,as for flys Steve Ooi has it worked out a real winning fly!! but i'll not tell
    hookin, Brett

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    Re: Hinchinbrook Permit

    l can just imagine Steve walking to the mouth of the seymour with fly rod in hand and back pack on his back its not funny he'd do it


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    Re: Hinchinbrook Permit


    I don't know about the Hinchenbrook Permit, but the Cape York Permit take white kinkyfibre clousers. 2 Stubbies were boated by angler on my group on the "Eclipse" out of Weipa last week. Not big fish, but a permit is a permit.

    We had crab flies, pipi flies tied, but the good old clouser came through again.

    I had a cast to some Hinchenbrook Permit several years ago while fishing with guide Steve Jeston. I think I had a prawn pattern on. The fish were not really feeding and where spooked.

    Best of luck.


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