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    Fly Fishing In western Sydney

    can anyone give me any details on any decent flyfishing areas around western Sydney. Specifically Trout, as I have moved up from Tassie recently, the only place worth Trout fishing, So I guess I have to settle for second best.
    anyone got any tips???

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    Re: Fly Fishing In western Sydney

    Youdy: Tompsons Creek dam is your closest trout water - and fishing well at the moment. Then it out to Lylle and Oberon, with plenty of water.

    You can also look around Yarrongabilly and the Jenollen area. You may also look into joining the Sydney Fly rodders Club. Plenty of like minded anglers , and a good way to meet new anglers and fish new area's.

    Check out their web site at

    Regards Scotto

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