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    Hinchinbrook Tarpon

    Tarpon goin off in Lucinda jetty. Just fished Hinchinbrook creeks and rivers. No permit sighted.
    However the tarpon made up for the lack of quality fish in the Area.
    Big school of Tarpon smashing baitschool in the surface around the jetty at night. We caught more than five fish around 60 to 70 cm. mark. bigger fish are difficult to pull up from the jetty.
    Calm nights are the best, tarpon are more willing to take a fly cast upcurrent. On windy nights, flies dropped into the shadow under the jetty with no retrieve is the go.
    best fly for me was grey kinkyfibre 3D fly. These fish could abrade 60 lbs of bite tippet in a few seconds. They smash flies like barra and pull about just as hard often airborne for up to 2 seconds.
    Any fly fishos visiting Lucinda is reccomended to check out the night life in the jetty. Bring your 10 weight rod with you (nine weight is minimum). An intermediate or type 3 sinker is the line to use. 60 lbs leader tied directly to the fly line is the most secure and strongest rig. No tapared leader hoohas is required. Why the heavy gear you ask? Barras often have a jam amongst the tarpon and the occassional GT also makes an appearance.

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    Re: Hinchinbrook Tarpon

    Mate those Tarpon are Great fun!! when liveing in cairns for the last 14 mounths i found myself fishing for them more than Barra!!
    last year at a place not far north of brisbane my friends and i had a blinder time on Huge Poons,the best going 98cm!!!!! my mate took it on a tillson Barra (Fingerling)

    it's about this time of year to! i'm off tommorow (wed) to chase Long-Tails, Barra and those Big Poons!!!!!
    Hookin, Brett

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