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    Buying Gear from abroad

    hi folks,

    I would like to hear thoughts, info and opinions from anyone who has/ was thinking of buying fishing gear from other countries. i have been checking out buying a few bits of kit recently and looking at the prices around the globe, there is a huge difference in price.
    e.g a loomis 9 ft 7wt GLX fly rod costs 560 in th uk (=1450 oz dollars i think). i have seen the same rod in the USA for $400 and in oz for $500.
    Has anyone got any views and tips about buying abroad, sending for gear abroad and reputable tackle dealers around the world.



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    Re: Buying Gear from abroad

    G'day Peter.
    I used to do it heaps, but as you can see you really need to know your prices, exchange rate and FREIGHT!
    Most US shops charge about $40 - $50 freight no matter how heavy yout items are, That works out to more than $100 AUS!

    Some things are still cheap and almost worth it, but you're much better off buying from here.

    Cheers, Slates

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    Re: Buying Gear from abroad

    A bit more from me which adds to Slates comments.

    Your also liable for import duty on certian items and GST regardless. So while OS costs may appeal initially, it is not until the item has landed that the full cost is realised.

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    Re: Buying Gear from abroad

    Hi all,
    # # # I have got stuff in from the US... mostly line (SpiderWire Braid), lures and a sounder or two... Saved Lots on some things and got gear in i could not get heer. Had no problems with import duty as the orders were under $200 zo no import duty. Pay to check about the duty last time i checked it was 36% 'ish, but was on a car. I would not bring a rod in, the risk of being in many peaces when it comes to your door is to much for me!!! Don't forget to ask about WARRANTY.
    Good luck

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    Re: Buying Gear from abroad

    Current customs threshold is $250.00 AUD and anything above gets hit including the new standard customs fee of $38.50, plus GST, plus a "gateway fee", plus your shipping cost paid at the other end.

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    Re: Buying Gear from abroad

    Hi Kipper,

    I run a small tackle import business rods, reels, lures etc some info you received is a little misleading if you import via mail before any duty is applied you may spend $1,000.00 AUS. If you are only going to be useing the products yourself this would show in Quantities of course no GST applies.

    As far as quality goes stick with reputable manufacturers and ask for a written copy of their guarantee, Exporters to Australia are still goverened by the World Trade Agreement Act and all must have a certified Aust Gov number if they are to trade commercially with Australia.

    If you have any queries just get on to the Australian Customs Site and click on import all relevant details are there for all to see.



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    Re: Buying Gear from abroad

    I have ordered stuff from the US that you (sadly) can't get here.

    All I have ordered is spiderwire (briaded line) some scissors to cut it with, temp probe, a fly box or two, and a few other things i can't think of atm.

    i have only order from places like and because I wouldn't trust any of the others.

    one of the things worth noting (that the others haven't said) is the cost of freight. I think at it was about $25 US for it to come surface mail or $35 US for airmail.

    now...when it came down to it, paying an extra $10 to get the goods into the country within the week is a good offer

    Surface i think is anywhere upto 6 weeks +.

    Makes you think huh?


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