Okay guys and gals, this is your big chance to come show those freshwater flycasters how us saltwater flycasters perform! The first ever Australian Saltwater Flycasting Titles at the Quintrex International Saltwater Flyfishing Expo will be held on the weekend 20/21 April 2002.

But there's more! We have introduced a training program for local schools and the CSIT (TAFE) is also involved to ensure that plenty of young people will be involved... we reckon this is a great way of putting our great pastime in front of lots of energetic young potential flyfishers (can't think of many other healthier pastimes).

But hey ..... this is a big jump forward for us, so we really need everyone involved in saltwater fly (and hey all our freshwater exponents too) to get involved. It should be a great celebration of flyfishing and a real buzz for everyone involved.

If you'd like more information drop a reply and I'll forward information as I don't want to go dropping web sites without approval.

All the best flyfishing as it's the best!