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    Whats your best fly?

    Time to fess up, most sucessfull fly. yes i know thes closely garded secerts

    for me there are some that have worked better than others, these are, Pink Thing - Voltz Candie - Shauns Prawn- and a couple of Feltys i have forgoten the name of... hehehe

    of course i have others that have caught fish but find myself going back to the reliable ones first,
    minght have to try others as there could be the ultimate fish catcher sitting in the box and i don't know

    am off for a few days chaseing Long-tails and Barra a better mix i could not think of
    the best thing is i get then two hundred meters apart.hehehe.
    Hookin, Brett

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    Re: Whats your best fly?


    Not sure if this pic URL will work but here goes.$file/ZDT74_280.jpg

    The fly is a "Shaggy Dog Blue Barb" #from "Dog Tooth" which is an Aus company.



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    Re: Whats your best fly?

    Hay Chris,
    Cool fly mate ! does look the goods also have got the web site in faveriotes now!!

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    Re: Whats your best fly?

    I like the Bass Vampires my nephew ties for me. Great fly that work on "perch", and cheap too.

    I fish because the little voices in my head tell me to

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    Re: Whats your best fly?

    I like the ones with all the crap hanging off them...

    what are they called again spin somthing or rather...

    thats right spinsters, pink thing ones to be on the money.

    gurgler is right up there and standard pink thing.

    find it very difficult indeed to not throw a clowser every trip fresh water salt water dirty water clean water, its the only fly that I have used in all situations and one. Its also a piece of piss to tie, cheap and ya can use non fly fisho materials as well.

    Freshwater=spinster (8 species)
    brackishwater=pinkthing (8 species)
    clearwater and anywhere=clowser light green/white (howlong ya got every thing from rock cod to queenfish)
    sea salt=eye flies, candies any thing like that. (5 species)

    but the best fly is a wet one mate, if its dry its useless aint it!

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    Re: Whats your best fly?

    Has to be the famous 4
    You know

    Crazy Charlie
    Surf candy

    these four have the most real estate in the fly box why because they work and there really simple to tie too

    Stuie 8)

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    Re: Whats your best fly?

    G'day TBF.
    Love Dahlbergs - Hardly caught that much on them, but the take is unreal

    I also enjoy drifting small dries down the riffles of trout creeks.

    Cheers, Slates

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