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    'Nother First

    Scratched up 3 Murray Cod on the wand over the long weekend down the New England area. All under size 40 - 48cm but fun all the same. Temp was a bit down and they wern't real co-operative.

    Got absolutely done over by a beauty in one hole and lost my best cod fly best cod fly 'cause I already caught 2 fish on it. Done me on 25lb leader. Rolled one in the same hole about 3 hours earlier on the baitcast gear, that was a good fish (5kg +) - probably one in the same animal.


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    Re: 'Nother First

    Well done Great Sportfish the Murray Cod.
    I have take a few on the biggest loudest dahlbergs i could find. What flies did u use?? I took a couple of good ones a few weeks back from a local creek, one sucked down a Dalhberg the other a woolly Bugger with a large foam head.

    Good fishin'


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    Re: 'Nother First

    Good one fellas. Just got the cod urge out of my system with a trip to new england a few weeks ago & you lot go & tease me up again.
    Gonna have to hit Coolmunda soon I think!!

    Good stuff, Got any pics guys?

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    Re: 'Nother First

    Good stuff Jack!
    Mulwala is great for surface codding, but most surface caught fish are small.

    Have had sessions there with 20 -30 hits in 3 hours fish to 45 cm.
    During the day, you can get fish over 60 cm from the same spot - just not interested in smaller flies/lures.
    Attached is a pic of a wee cod I caught using a dahlberg in mulwala.

    Cheers, Slates

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    Re: 'Nother First

    Top shit mate,

    my next trip to mull-a-wulla (yeah this is what this darwin lad calls it) migt have to try and pull your strig to meet me *G*

    got one of the big ones on my wish list any way bro...

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    Re: 'Nother First

    Roger that muz
    sing out - even if I can't make it, I'll send you to the secret possies

    headin up there around the first weekend of March.
    will report back.

    Cheers, Slates

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    Re: 'Nother First

    Got the bug on them greenfish.
    Headin' back down the New England this weekend for another crack at them. Give some dahlbergs a go.

    I'll make sure I get some pics this trip, but I think the camera might be possessed - when I carry it in the pack, I don't seem to do any good.

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    Re: 'Nother First

    Just a baby but a cod on fly at any rate.

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