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    Braided Loop Instructions

    I found this site on how to build braided loops. I though it may be of interest to some of you guys.

    I've just replaced some of my loops, the pliobond was getting stiff and cracking. I use aquaseal now.


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    Re: Braided Loop Instructions

    Hi Wes, what are you putting these loops on to. Fly lines or GsP braid. Cheers Max

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    Re: Braided Loop Instructions


    I put the braided loops on the flylines.

    I tie a 70-turn bimini and then double the double with a 3-turn surgeons loop. 50lb BB for backing. I've not had a problem with 50lb Loops and 50lb backing.

    I will re-tie the backing loops before I head out to WA.

    I've ordered a couple of LC13 heads for the trip too.

    Noddy is going out to Rowleys in the next month or so. I look forward to his reports.


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    Re: Braided Loop Instructions

    Wes pic shows LC13 termination, one drop of LC13, or two if you want. Doesn't come off. The other is a terminated full shooting line. Not a knot, no stretch, shoots like hell, Cheers Max

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    Re: Braided Loop Instructions

    I'm nuts try one drop of Loctite 406 needle applicator.

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    Re: Braided Loop Instructions

    I have a few questions regarding the superglue.

    1. what is the durability of it?
    2. do you use it to lock loops in place?
    3. can it be safely used on BB?
    4. does it need to be loctite 406?- have you tried any other CA glues?



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    Re: Braided Loop Instructions

    Hi, I've had it on LC13's, LC15's and on stuffed up running lines for a long time. No real problems. No. Loctite 406 is a thin glue for wicking fibres, best available. I use it on BB all the time, it is a inert glue does not effect Spectra or Dyneema, does not glue it either, polyethylene, but it saturates the braid and locks it to the braided mono. stops slip in knots, if you use it on knots, Like a uni knot in gsp is about 80%, one drop of 406 and it's 100%. Like Harro said, use 406 on a granny knot and its 100%.
    I use it in spliced loops, just one drop, use a needle applicator.
    What else, very hand for all fishing things. Can be used on monofilament knots, Try this. Get a piece of braided mono, say 35lb and push 1 inch of 20lb mono into it. add one drop of 406 and let it cure. then try pulling the mono out of the braid. odds on broken mono. Don't use it on Hard Alloy. Effects the surface don't know why.
    I use to to make roll on leaders,fly leaders, running lines, spliced loops, fly tying, but not 406, I use the cheap stuff for fly tying. I glue plastic lures to hooks with super glue. Wouldn't be without it. Fantastic fishing tool. Water resistance test on joints 72 hours immersion, then 72 hours stretched under weight, test 100% every time.
    But nothing is forever, one has to use common sense, look after the joints, and change things if you suspect it might be getting a problem. But one does that with any fishing gear. Just some different technology. In my fly system the only place I use knots is in my leaders, and then it's biminis, double surgeons etc, none from the front of the fly line/backing system to the reel arbor. No knots low stretch BB all the way. Max.

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    Re: Braided Loop Instructions

    Sound advise max,
    looks like the 406 will be liveing in the boat from now on.

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