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    Re: GsP

    Cool !
    good stuff max,now even i can follow that.... hehehehehe.

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    Re: GsP

    Hey max, got some loctite 406.

    I've only got 35 & 50lb gudebrod though, no ultra thin stuff. I'm not sure I feel like stuff a lot at the moment, but it did occur to me to do a 'spliced braided loop' on the end of the BB. Best of both worlds, strong 100% knot for the BB and only a little stuffing to do. One advantange is the the BB would have a hard time cutting the braided look of the fly line if it was inside a braided loop of its own.

    One question though, if a granny knot and 406 is 100% as you stay, why not just do that. Maybe not a granny knot but something similar. That way its 100% strong, the same stength as the stuffed braided loop version.

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    Re: GsP

    Ah well think of the number of "How to knot" books that would gather dust on shelves, and reputations go bust and all that research time down the tube. Couldn't have "just a grannie knot and glue" to get out of the locker.
    But seriously if you follow the one knot one fish theory, any knot that strikes your fancy could be given a run.
    When it comes to straight fishing, not just fly flogging, one should consider what people do, and where they do it. Like on bouncing boats in the middle of the night, isn't a place to tie 90 twist biminis, even with battery powered hair braiders, nor is on a beach in mid winter in the rain.
    I think the idea that you can get a strong knot, which you need, in GsP by using glue is practical and effective.
    A Uni knot and glue is 100%, 100% of the time. Max

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