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    Double Haul

    Ok, I feel like a bit of a freak currently, but Im getting to the point, where I'm desperate for advice.
    First off I can cast ok, a few technical problems courtesy of being self taught but, Im pretty damn accurate within my own range, can perform most of the different casts at will but I cannot nail down the double haul. Im normalyyabout -60 ft caster with whatever I pick up andcan hit that with one back cast on a good day, but I can't go beyond it.

    DH Proving to be a huge stumbling block, and I really want the extra line speed/range particularly with heavier rods, clouserrs etc

    Yep had some instruction from FFF certified instructors in the technique, and while they say I cast pretty well cannot fix the dh _ and I know what I should be doing but cannot master it leaving me feeling like the other sort of DH.

    The problem lies in the fact that I cannot seem to get 2 hands to do different movements, you know the old pat top of head rub stomach thing. I can haul away but can't get my hauling back back to the rod hand. I can manage it sometimes without a rod, but not with it.

    I know about muscle memory etc and I keep waiting for that mental click when it all comes together and becomes natural.
    I guess what Im looking for is any advice from any others who have been down the same rocky path.

    None of the mental trick like one-two/three four or go-no type of thing have worked. Hoping someone might have one that works for me. Even been mentally rehearsing as I drift off to sleep every night in hope it settles into the old subconscious.

    I just can't get the rhythym.

    PS anyone who says practice more will get strangled hahahahahaha Its notfor lack of trying maybe trying too hard

    About a month ago I felt like I almost had it, but gone again.

    Frustrating as hell, but im not giving up

    Hope someone can help out


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    Re: Double Haul

    Its a rythmm thing mate!! # Should have been born black!!!

    Seriously, its really hard to tell someone how to do it. You need to be shown.

    For the best teacher, contact Harro. He is the guru. I guarantee you he will have you staightened out in 1 hr.

    You wont be dissapointed.

    Regards, # Randall.

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    Re: Double Haul

    Hi Steve,

    Would have to agree with Randall on this one and boy I do hate agreeing with him HARRO IS THE MAN.



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    Re: Double Haul

    There are 2 questions here, what rod, what line. And do you understand the "up weight" rule.
    A double haul is the increase line speed to load the rod with less false casting and get longer distances. Consider this. If you line has a 30 foot head and is rated at the rod weight, ie a 9# on a 9 rod, you will need to get line speed and line out to fully load the rod to the required 1.5 times the rod weight. Blame AFTMA for this since things are set around thge first 30 feet of a DT line but you normally use 45 feet anyway.
    But if you use a 45 feet odd head go up 1 line weight, like a 10 on a 9 rod. If the head is 30 odd feet go up two weights, like a 11 line on a 9 rod. You will only need to back cast that thing to load the rod and you can probably forget hauling. You are not going to cast it a country mile anyway. The point is your casting will be faster and get as far or further.
    Mind you Harro has some fabulous techniques, but if you can't get at him, you are in trouble. Cheers Max

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    Re: Double Haul

    Hey Dave,

    That FFF certification thing means diddly squat...
    Give me a call and I'll only be too happy to help.
    By the way, I've all but deleted the double haul...
    For 95% of casts you only need to haul on the forward cast. By n ow hauling on the backcast you slow the line down and expand your timing envelope. Makes it easier to nail that haul on the forward cast. It only has to travel a coupla inches; time it right and there goes all the line.

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    Re: Double Haul

    Thanks guys,
    You are all right _ Particularly max re the fact Im in trouble. I should have added Im living in bloody California! But if this keep up you'll be getting an international call mate!

    I suppose I have really noticed the problem fishing the surf here, where you need to get out over the breaking waves. Ive been fishing a SA intermediate striper line not a head, Max, I haven't really gone that far into saltwater stuff yet, but I appreciate your advice, as I have been thinking about grabbing a fast sinker etc. Im using an 8wt rod and 8wt line, so I guess you could say Im a saltwater lightweight hehehe. Blame my Tasmanian upbringing

    Incidentally ve got a trip on to southern Alaska and Kodiak Island in a couple of weeks, it was a last minute thing, and Im thinking of adding a 10wt to the arsenal and a head set up for these offshore king salmon . Do you have a TFO 10wt??? Iseem to remember reading your a fan and dollars are tight on my end!

    Harro, thanks again. I know what you mean about the certification, I only added it to indicate these guys were a step up from average joes.

    Very interested you said you only use the haul on the forward cast now. I was on the beach working at it Saturday morning againand was finding I was getting plenty of drive with a well timed haul on the last forward cast _ well it happened 4-5 times hehehe but enough to notice.

    Can I ask are you hauling on every forward false cast or simply prior to shooting line on the last forward cast.

    Thanks guys

    Hoping the fish you way are hungry!


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    Re: Double Haul

    There are some pretty hot fly line chuckers in Cal, have a go at Dans board and drop the problem there. Mind you some of us go through this, must get better, stage when you seem to be doing OK. I'd just go fishing with what you have. Time will probably cure it, if you are dilligent.
    I think the point of all this is that Rodney has probably put more time and effort into chucking, oops casting, fly lines than anyone since Lefty. Being in California creats problems since either or both of you has to get into go gear. Not much help I'm afraid. Max

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    Re: Double Haul

    Gday Max, yeh I think there are a few here, all of them i see onthe beaches tossing a full flyline hehehe

    I shouldn't overplay the frustration bit I spose. Nothing better than having a fly rod in your hand. Im just trying to make up for those years before I discovered the fly. wished I' d picked up a flyrod when iwas 10

    Just can't get enough of it anywhere anytime anybloody how

    BTW nice sambo pic, they grow big inthe west

    Cheers and thanks for the help

    Going to check the surf height/tide and grab a few hours sleep before another dawn patrol in the morning

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    Re: Double Haul

    Steve, have you considered a long rod for surf fishing, ###### have a range of 65Msi rods built for casting, not spey types really. from 12 feet to 15 feet. And they are cheap.
    have a look at just for fun.
    cheers Max

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    Re: Double Haul

    I can manage it sometimes without a rod,

    i bet youd get some weird looks doing that in public

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    Re: Double Haul

    Max, mate my desired rod list keeps getting longer and longer aagh. Actually one I was reading about last night that caught my eye was a new 10'6 9wt from St Croix designed for eastern US beaches. Sounds and interesting prospect but wonder about weight, extra leverage on the fisher etc etc

    Its all a learning curve, funnily enough I looked at the ###### rod site last night just arrived a different way interesting thanks for the link.

    I reckon Im a chance to trial some longer rods in rivers this summer have touched base re some other boards with a Spey rod builder who seems a good fella and we might get onto him home waters in Oregon later in the year.

    Man so much stuff to play with, waters to fish etc.

    Mick I know what you mean! Got caught by my girlfriend in a supermarket aisle, practising the casting with a loaf of French bread, about the time I thought I had it nailed, oblivious to everything around me hahahaha. She knows Im odd

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    Re: Double Haul

    Steve a lot of the rods out there, long types are Spey action, basically designed for roll casting. The ###### types are, as far as I can find out, casting types. You should be able to use a 10 footer one handed, and even a 10'6"stick. Over that length you start to look at double handers.
    There are a few ways of casting long rods, and most will better 125 feet, but will certainly cast longer than a 9 foot rod.
    I think long rods in the 12'6" and up class are probably ideal for surf, because of the distance one can cast.
    I am waiting, long time, for an ###### 14/15 footer, probably 15 because of the weight, 10/11 and a ###### Trillium 4.5 inch LA reel. It is basically to investigate the surf potential around here, the Swan River in a few places and some very hot spots up north. I guess a trip to Bremer is on the cards, if it arrives before Ron Pearson leaves on his winter get the hell out trip to warmer climes.
    I have a couple of secret spots, ocean rock stuff, which has some serious potential for long casting fly rods. And a couple of not so secret horror holes.
    That web site of ###### is interesting isn't it, but try the Talon one. Kind of keeps you around for a while. Max

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    Re: Double Haul

    Pobably getting off topic here but what the hell. Max, are there some goodies out there to look at or what

    Bloke could do some serious damage to the Aussie deficit if the plastic would stretch that far. Spent a bit of time roaming some of the big US fly shows over the last year _ fair dinkum its like showing my girlfriend a shoe store.
    Funnily enough she doesn't get the analogy. maybe cos she's paying the bills.

    sounds like you have a decent couple of trips planned. Im off to Kodiak Island on the 8th, just got to make sure I don't end up as bear poop hehehehe in the prime week for Chinooks

    Then Im going to one of my dream rivers, place Ive always wanted to fish, the Henrys Fork of the Snake River in Idaho in July, only got 4 days but woohoo.
    Going to be a great summer, hope your winter works out as well.

    Cheers mate

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