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Thread: Booby Fly?

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    Booby Fly?

    Hey fellas

    I was wondrering if anyone has any pics of one of these flies? ??? Has anyone one done much fishing with these flies for bass and 'toga? and if so what r some of the best colours to tie up?? thanks in advance

    CJ 8)

    P.S this is a serious post probably not the best time to post it with the post in the General chat about tits and fishin' but oh well life goes on i guess

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    Re: Booby Fly?


    We've got pics of Booby patterns at

    use the search engine on the front page or look under freshwater flies.

    The examples shown are of trout type booby flies but have used them on bream and silver perch with success.



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    Re: Booby Fly?

    havent used a booby since i was about 6months old but have found yellows and bright greens good for toga. i dont know where your from but if you get a chance try cania dam(dusk for toga, dawn for bass)


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