I read a post on another board where a guy stated that "Temple Fork Rods were true to weight", whatever that means, and that one did not use "up lining" on these things.
Interesting BUT???? uplining has nothing to do with the rated rod classification, except that classification tells people where the rod fits into the AFTMA list.
Up lining has to do with rod load and the number of times you wave the line around your head. In salt water once, in fresh water I suspect one hundred and once. But on the fresh water troot fly subject I'm pretty blank, my brain gives up on it, cannot be induced, cajoled or forced to recognise the words, "troot fushin" I get an image of a dark hole covered by a white plastic lid. VBG. Must be a
Temple Fork rods can be uplined quite successfully, and I use up lining on my 12 weight, a 34 foot length of LC15 on the end of a stuffed system. That is a 14# load on a 12 rod. Two weight up and one backcast. It seemed to work when Ron Pearson hurled it around.
Anyway temple fork sticks are the best things since sliced raisin bread and automatic electric toasters.
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