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Thread: Just a thought

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    Just a thought

    There is something that the proponents of the “Holy Spool” theory either do not know, or haven’t thought about in their hurry to beat on the head of ‘Old Mad Max”.
    Currently in the GFAA environment we have 15kg tippets. Lets look at that little bit of wonderful technology.
    Say your backing line is 50lb and your knots in the system are 90%, the overall b/s is #45lb. If however that 90 goes down to 85% the b/s goes down to 42.5, and your tippet is 33lb. Getting close isn’t it.
    Anything that causes that backing b/s to get lower, can be a disaster. And fibre fracture from whatever cause imaginable can be a total disaster. Are we then going to use 60lb, 70lb or even 80lb GsP backing lines. #The other question is, what is the average fracture point of fly lines. Might be a problem with 15kg tippets.
    Mind you if one uses 50lb, aka 42.5lb #braid and 10kg tippets, the problem #may not matter, but get into 15kg tippets and 42.5lb lb backing lines and watch the fun. And it is when the big fish are connected that the fibre fracture is most evident because that’s when the stress level is highest.
    Mind you I’m just some radical nut, but let IGFA move into 15kg tippets and all hell will break loose. Want to be on #a high speed #proliferation #of “no hole” spools.
    Mad Max #VBG #

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    Re: Just a thought

    Good thoughts Max.
    In an old Harro vid on Black Bass he mentions the average BS of flyline was about 30 lb (someone correct me if I'm wrong here).

    Buggered if I'd be trying $2 of 15kg tippet on my $120 flyline!

    I think I'll stick to trout.....

    Cheers, Slates

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    Re: Just a thought

    Yes, about 30lb for fly lines, I'd suggest that with 15kg tippets one would need to use a hunk of 50lb lead core line and a pretty good backing system. Cheerrs mate, what were those fish you mentioned. Tried my memory bank, couldn't find troot.
    VBG. Max

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