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    Re: Max did you ever buy the ###### Trillium LA re

    Righto then fellas,
    mabey we can wrap this string up eh?
    a good posting without any slanging.

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    Re: Max did you ever buy the ###### Trillium LA re

    I have a bit of an interest in this and a bit of an interest in reels. But if you have a geek at a 4 inch Okuma, you are pretty well looking at, from pics anyway, a ###### Trillium.And that Okuma is not bad stuff. AT least I'd put GsP on one.
    On the small arbor, fine, if the reel is 4 inches and under, get it 4.5 inches and over and the weight of the dacron, and the amount on the spool is devestating. I have a 4 inch reel plugged with 150 yards of 20/30 whatever Dacron and it still holds 500 of 36BB with 120 feet of stuffed running line and a full SA head.
    I do think LA has a place and the Trillium I'm looking at is the 5 or 6, that is 4.5 inch or 5 inch.
    On drags that Pen stuff is patented and one has to use other gear, but cork on rulon takes some beating, particularly with big drag washers.
    Actually there are a zillion drag materials around that do a good job, but you need to have a large washer on a large LA spool to keep inertia to minimums with high modulus graphite rods, with GsP braids and low stretch systems. Mind you with large diameter small arbor reels until it gets about half full its some kind of LA type reel.
    ###### has a reel, small arbor 2 inches wide and 5 inches in diameter, now that should suit the crazys, I think they are planning on using it to hold the space tether for the moon. I hear they are going to tether it to the earth with 30GsP BB braid.. VBG.
    I agree with Brett, enough is about enough. When Barry sends me the Trillium I will tell you what I think.
    Cheers Max

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