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    Fin Nor Ahab fly rods

    A friend in the USA offered me an unused12 wt Fin Nor Ahab fly rod for USD$150. This seems like a bargain price to me.
    Fin Nor make really great reels but what are their fly rods like?
    I couldn't find anything on the net about them.
    Anyone out there know anything?
    Cheers, Bugzee-M

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    Re: Fin Nor Ahab fly rods

    Why are you wasting time asking silly questions. Grab it, in fact you really should have it by now. FinNor, who cares for opinions, who knows anyway. Just spend the munney mate, go with the flo. Max

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    Re: Fin Nor Ahab fly rods

    Because I couldnt find ANYTHING at all on the net or anywhere, I was a bit wary....thats all.
    My friend is not in a hurry to sell it so its no worry there. Thanks anyway for your feedback Max
    Cheers, Bugzee

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    Re: Fin Nor Ahab fly rods

    Actually cobs I'd ask Jack Erskine, he should have a good clue about FinNor Ahab rods. What about it Jack, offer an opinion. Max

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