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    fly fishing in the surf ...

    I have just come back from the toyota fraser fishing comp on the first day there wasn`t much wind around first up in the morning, the swell was small and I was casting over a small gutter.
    We were only catching small dart and tailor. So I deceided to flick a clouser and a popper with my strudie to my suprise I hooked up on a 30cmish trevally(which at the time I thought it was a little bit bigger) had a couple of good runs in the surf and then picked up a few of dart.
    My ? is does any body have stories on fly fishing in the surf.

    and me and my brother inlaw and a great time at the comp but we found the renta crowds a joke > any time we started to have a good run of fish or a good bend in of the rod cars would turn up from out of the blu oh well we still had fresh fish every day for breaky and lunch and I come home with a new tinny from humming bird...its a good life but some has to do it

    cheers Stephen_T

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    Re: fly fishing in the surf ...

    Good on ya Steve,
    By the sound of other comments from you and others about Fraser I might see if I can book a seat with you next year. Coming home with a tinny aswell what can you say
    Cheers Luke

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    Re: fly fishing in the surf ...

    Had a bit of success Flyfishing for Aus Salmon it can be fun if you can find a school

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    Re: fly fishing in the surf ...

    I suppose I'll get beaten around the head for this little observation too. I do think we should be more active in fishing surf situations, and I do think we should be more interested in longer rods than we are, because of the obvious advantages in surf situations.
    Presently we have a situation here where we have two rivers, just innundated with a lot of rain and obviously a lot of run off, which in the Moore River case will end up in the Indian Ocean, probably feeding numbers of mulloway.
    Given that the surf can be a bit on the high side, 9 foot rods are not on, but longer rods, with longer casts might just be viable. There are other places conducive to longer rods.
    It is strange that as soon as someone suggests even a minute step up the ladder of SWF evolution the head beaters of the "stone age syndrome" start waving their leg bone clubs. Or are they rib bone clubs, I can never tell what is hitting me. I'm wearing my tin hat lately. Cheers Max

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    Re: fly fishing in the surf ...


    I think your on the right track re longer rods and surf fishing not to mention flats fishing - even a 10' rod would make a considerable difference.



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    Re: fly fishing in the surf ...

    I agree with you Max re: longer fly rods.
    I have even thought of picking up a two handed Spey rod for this purpose.
    They are available up to 14 feet and in 12 to 14 wt.
    Guys in Canada or Alaska use them on salmon. They can cast huge distances and cover a lot of water with them.
    I think they would be just the gears in surf or river mouth situations
    I have to admit there is also the novelty value in using one too.
    Cheers Bugzee-M

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    Re: fly fishing in the surf ...

    I have one on "order" a ###### 14/15 foot 64Msi thing in 10/11#. I think that 9 footers have probably reached most of there shore based useby date. Chris is right, the rods from 10foot up are going to cut holes in Swoffing markets.
    I'm kind of spitting chips waiting for this thing, I want to get it to Cuvier while the weather is good, and bad here. Cheers Max

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