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    circle hooks

    Has anyone tried the mustad circle streamer hook..?
    Interesting variant on the standard circle with a long shank.


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    Re: circle hooks

    I'm trying to get hold of the things, not much joy yet. Very handy with tube flies, particularly with the Cam Sigler system.
    In fact you can use Gamakatsu short shank circles with tubes.
    I need them for the long rod system, I'm still praying on bended knees, mabe I invoked a curse from upstairs with my references to "unholy" spools. Do you think Him/Her up thar read Ausfish chats. Have a nyce day Steve catchee plenty. Max

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    Re: circle hooks

    Jones tackle in brisbane have them in all sizes. They range from about $12 -20 for 25 hooks.

    I was lucky enough to score a sample of these almost a year ago, I must confess that haven't used them much because I have more confidence in other hooks (SL12S gammies).
    I've tried the long shank circles in clousers and surf candies, and I cant bring myself to not strike, and hence I guess I am missing out on the hookups. My fault not the hooks.. although I have seen them come out the front end of a feeding tuna which just kept swimming at me.
    I am hoping to give them a good go on flathead this year, and hopefully on some GH.

    The long shank is refreshing as most others have been short shank. I also like the larger gape. I haven't tried pulling them through much heavy structure but they do seem slightly more weed "resistant" than a 34007 style.

    Apparently, circle hooks are at their best when the fish turns immediately after taking the fly, thus hooking itself. I would be interested to know if this could be applied to surface fishing where the fish must turn everytime after eating, or is the stinger still going to be the most effective pattern in such a situation.

    Also have a look at the new mustad stainless steel tarpon pattern- it looks deadly too...


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    Re: circle hooks

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxg
    Do you think Him/Her up thar read Ausfish chats.
    Oh course he/she does!
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    Re: circle hooks

    Ah well I thought it must be that, my lotto tickets have been rubbish lately, and the Wong Wod ain't here and its raining and blowing, and my OF is bust and in the USA, if it doesn't get pinched on the way. Nothing works, Catweasel Max.

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    Re: circle hooks

    Steve that Born to Fish forced to work does not apply to me. More like forced to rely on pension. VBG Max

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    Re: circle hooks

    I still have a problem believing that the hook-up ratio using circles isn't deminished compared to straights.
    I can see that they'd help to stay connected to fish that are erratic swimmers (constantly changing direction) and for fish that leap. But that's slim comfort if you are missing the hook-up altogther.
    Got some flies tied on circles by Shaun Ash in a tried & true saratoga pattern . I recon the strike to hook-up ratio wasn't as good, but that may be something different I did or my skeptical mind at work.

    Any comments to try & convince me otherwise?


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    Re: circle hooks

    As I see it, using circles with short shanks puts the hook right at the front of the fly, which puts it closer to air space. Short shank circle flies should, I believe, be tied on tubes, aka the Cam Sigler system. And if I were using long shank circles I'd put them in tubes too.
    I plan to use this system on the Wong Wod, when it gets here, VBG Barry, because od cast distance. Bit difficult to pull hooks into fish a long hop away. Not bad at half a hop, but a hop step and jump is different, doncha thunk.
    Fish coming at you are not good options for circles, you need them going away. Max

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