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    Fly fishing for Pike

    Can Anyone have a recipe for a fly to catch Pike in Moreton Bay. Also I am looking for a fly fishing club in brisbane to join. any ideas. Regards Lennie

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    Re:  Fly fishing for Pike

    Good evening Lennie, again
    If you email Rob on
    He will place you in the right direction to join the Brisbane Fly Fish Club.
    Kind regards

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    Re:  Fly fishing for Pike

    Hi lennie try small deceiver type flies in white chartreus and pink. I tied one no. 4 hook thin raping of white wool on the hook and few strands of cristal flash on the top with small head with eyes it work wonders.
    I fish gold coast and the seaway when they are around you can catch them with any fly.
    hope this helps good luck.

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    Re:  Fly fishing for Pike

    If you're on the northside of Brisvegas go to the mouth of the Newport canals on the Redcliffe Peninsula, high tide on dusk. They chop up the surface and are easy targets on fly.
    Good luck

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    Re:  Fly fishing for Pike

    g'day Lennie
    i reckon pike would go nuts over just about any small baitfish pattern. example crazy charlies in light colours. only small eyes/weights though as they tend to hang near the surface. i wonder what a small popper would be like, might get some spectacular takes.

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    Re:  Fly fishing for Pike

    Landy it would be super if they take the popper, but I doubt it, yes they trash the bait fish on the top but they are not coming up for single fly,when fishing from the rocks i see them chasing the fly in mid water and come up to take it but if the fly is on the top they are not coming up.
    this is the experience I had but it could be difrent somewhere else,
    at the time it is very quite around where i fish, when they start for sure I,ll try poppers before sunrise.
    regards vince.

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