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Thread: Bay Tuna

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Hey Scotty I can hear that dam clickin allready and you better watch out the knives will be well and truelly out if you catch any more tuna in the bribie comp.If some of those coastie fly fishers recon your dishonest now what will they say if you catch more fish!!!!!just plain jelousy if you ask me the old tall poppy syndrome.It's why I prefer to stay away from tournaments these days 8)to many backstabers for my liken > just fish and enjoy it!!!!! Hope you guys kick arse again at bribie and make it three from three .And when are you guys comin up again we should have a fish together again soon.Paul.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Shawn, I hear that your flying to Darwin the day after the comp. shame, I thought the driver might get a fish in this one. Then agian I hear its pretty hard to catch tuna without a driver...........

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Hey Jase on good team boats all people fish.. including the driver ( which happens to be me....) STRIKE< STRIKE> and hold out for better employment thing you know they will be borrowing your new gold toy>>>>

    How is the w/proof housing for your A70.. not too bulky??
    got an A70 with 256mb card but not housing yet..

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Hey Rob, the waterproof case is great. The case makes the camera a better size to hold on to. The only bad thing is, I was told at the camera shop that it would fit in the 1200 pelican case with the housing on. > Not a chance. I should have listened to shawn, he said to get the next size up. I will hopefully give the case a shot this weekend (try to get some underwater tuna shots) and I will let you know how it goes.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    you boys make me feel like comming down for a fish but...

    we hit spot - X yesterday arvo and managed to nail 9 between us,nothing monsterous just fish about the 25lb mark.

    all in all a fair arvo my mate managed 3 boated and i the rest,but to his credit he hooked up more than me just did not convert

    so Pauley hows the southen end going??
    going back this arvo weather permitting.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Hi Big Fella,good to hear your gettin a few I went out on Tuesday finally got the new rig in the water. Went for a quick run up to wathumba got up there to late about 11am got one hookup on longie and dropped him then they dissapered so came back, good run for the new motor.Went back on wed morn to no fish,a bit lumpy with the s/wester hung around for a while then came back to little woody got to Gts and a big lizard on the new snap back plastics by TERMINATOR then at the btm of the tide a few longies popped there heads up and managed one on fly before the decieded to shut down they were very flighty though.Christened the boat very happy with it, and got it
    run in for the first 10 hr service. Then did my senior first aid course on thur and fri. Can,t go tomorow wan't to fit
    sounder,radio and gps and it doesn't look like the weather is going to be real flash anyway.I will give you a ring over the weekend to catch up till then catch you later.Paul

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    bet your happy to have the new-boat all ship-shape,i sld mine it is going to live at Karumbra my mate is the Fisheries and boating officer up there,and mad fly fisherman

    have a new boat on order and will be waiting -waiting for it,but due to my sponsorship deal i am at the bottom of the line as the boats that make the company money come first

    a small price to pay for the return mate i- suppose,i give you a ring fella if we get a good window and shoot down for a couple of days. neighbour
    Hookin,The Big Fella!!

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    hrmmm..... scott and his tunas eh ... next thing he'll tell u he's gonna go chase billfish or spaniards on fly and prove how easy they r to catch, oh wait a sec .. HE HAS! well to me anyway , lord knows we all wont hear the end of that when it happens, or should i say if?? just having a stir scott, as i said to u the other week, they should get a trophy pre-engraved with your name and 1 for the team aswell, i'm sure u and your team will do fine, and if u dont.. who cares
    in the end tournaments r bound to bring out the worst in ppl,
    as it has allready proven so anyway, its not like your in the running for a $50 000 boat is it, allthough sum folk would make it seem like thats whats at stake, what with all the rumours of cheating etc... who needs to doubt u i say... any1 who does, go fish with scott for a day.. u'll see, lord knows i'v got a longtail on every trip out with scott so far that we've been tuna fishing, mind u i'm an awsome fisherman aswell lol *inflates his ego a bit more* i find it surprising i get a chance to fish when i'm out with scott, between fixing up his casting and showing him innovative flies and techniques on how to use them, sheesh! it never bloody ends *has a good chuckle to himself* .
    All in good fun my friend all in good fun .
    Oh b4 i forget, the kid was out the seaway the other day, fishing those dam soft things round the rocks, landed himself a kingie or two both in the yellow tail variety and the black, interesting eh .. the norm was hauled in aswell, trevally etc , and lost the rest of em to unstoppables, might be worth a chuck or two i say... a slight change of pace form tuna i'd say aswell.
    I'll chat with ya soon, prob during the week prior the tournament if i catch u.

    at no part in the typing of this message was any ego 'actually' inflated, i just like to get the boot in whenever i can

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Hi All

    A lot of this is past my limited fly comprehension, but those who know me realise that I have trouble keeping my nose out of the business of others.

    As a rank outsider I know that I'm risking a big-time butt-kicking, but to me fly fishing is a form of fishing, and therefore the terminal side of things should not be such an important issue as it is.

    Based on existing posts, the overall response should be about 50-50. Meanwhile, can anyone recommend a decent fyfihing book for absolute beginners? Ron Collins.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Got out there on Saterday farr as Giligans, snaged a heap a Tailor but no fins to be seen Kilkenny

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    Re: Bay Tuna


    Saltwater Fly Fishing Fundamentals - An Introduction to Saltwater Flyfishing by Peter Morse published by Flylife Publishing Pty Ltd is a good book to start.

    Get some lessons from Harro and you'll be out there with the rest of us mad swoffer chasing the elusive longtail.

    The hardy band of Ausfish Longtail on Fly group was out in force in front of Bribie. My boat, Jack_live_here, Waterhaul were doing tough in the dirty water on Sunday

    Scott's boat "Waterhaul" Southwind UB580 & 4-stroke 100 yammie is so quite compared to my plate and 2-stroke. Its so quite you wouldn't know the engine is on, all you can hear is the sound of the telltail.


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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Yeh Wes those 4strokes are alright hey, on JackLivesHere you can have a chat while going flatstrap. We found longtails while following you home on Sun, we were about 1km out running parrallel up the beach.1s and 2s just slashing for half a sec, not a chance of getting nere em. We spent the day chasing small but moody Macks,we got 4.Still LT virgins .Cheers Dave for a great day... M Quinn

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    The longtails were really spooky on the weekend. Even with scotts 4-stroke they were hard to approach. We ended up with 12 fish for the day but I don't know how you would of went with a 2 banga.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    So you guys made it to HB allgood? How was the weather up there on sunday or didnt you stay round for that long?

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    One of my fish.

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