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Thread: Bay Tuna

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    That's a bloody hooter.
    Had a good yak with Scott on Friday morning down at Rodgers.
    Gunna give the Bribie chase a whirl.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Here is another photo of Scott with a longie,about 17 or 18kg.


    p.s. Don't look at the fly.......It's a secret.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Seen a secret one satdy - lips are sealed.
    If I had fish eyes I'd think it was the goods.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Those lips better not be sealed up too tight buddy
    f you want me to play guide for you in the comp then you can be damm sure that you will be sharing every secret in that little queensland brain of yours pal

    I tell you what though i'd even listen to if you can put me on to fish like those two giddy up!

    cheers shep 8)

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Doesn't matter to much about the fly anymore have developed bigger and better for the Bribie comp. Went out on Saturday and absolutely brained em with the new one. 10th & 11th here we come.Got a team full of new reels on the way for Bribie bring on the Vortexes, will be able to crank em in twice as fast.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Roger said he rang Sunday and you were bashing your way out. How'd you go.
    I'm kitted for Fridya morning - got me some of that Orvis leader - skull drag the bastards in. AND a driver - hey Shep.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Jeez Jack you said you were going to be able to get some info off these fellas and you just haven't been able to deliver the goods > I tell you what, you better come up with some good ideas from somewhere or you'll be driving yourself and we already know that you can't catch fish that way

    so get to and pump those sources.......right

    see ya friday i hope

    shep 8)

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    I can hook the bastards - it just goes to crap from there.
    Why is it when you practice your casting you can hurl it forever but tuna pop up 10m in front and you flub it???
    In shooting terms it's called buck fever, BUT what do they call it in fishing, TOOONA FEVER???

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Hey Dave
    Thought we'd make it a late session. Left M/bah at 11.30 and headed out. Took 1hr 15 to travel 9k, got to the spot and had green ones trying to get in with us, we drifted aruond for 20mins and one popped in range and got him. Heaps of fish cruising around but it was all to hard trying to get set so we headed back to M/bah bay just in time for a mega scud to come thru. Blew about 35kn and pissed down so we pulled the pin.
    One good thing came out of the day though , we got to spend 3hrs sitting on the side of the highway changing wheel bearings.

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    Re: Bay Tuna


    maria told my about some crazy bastard out there on the weekend, didnt have to guess twice who it was.

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Ah the Orvis Vortex, I'd try a Steelfin XFR if I was into LA reels for long tails. 4.6 inches, holds enough line for those "minnows" and has a drop off spool. Cheaper than a Vortex, no spool holes, drag is absolutely smooth, and it's German engineering. See Absolutely fantastic. Or you might try a Old Florida Super Arbor Model 8 . its 4.5 inches, big cork drag, holds 500 of BB, and a running line and head. Cheers Max

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Thanks Max but the deed is already done. 11/12 Vortex holds about 450m of 50lb b/b so will be way more than enough for longtails and hopefully enough for billy's. 11/12 is also 4.5 inch spool diam and super smooth drag. Looks weally pretty though.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Scott, will serve you right if you can't cope with a good reel..although then you may catch up to Shawn...........

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Ah, i see mr Watt has finally joined the ranks of the truly educated,i didn't know that you had electricity out in the mulga. What's this finally catch up to Sean rubbish.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Hey SNOTT,what's this Sean rubbish?


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