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Thread: Bay Tuna

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    Bay Tuna

    Hey guys
    Did anyone head out into m/bay last weekend after Tuna and howd ya go.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    yeah scotty i headed out off bribie.

    ran up the beach first no fish at all, then went out to the spitfire channel and found a heap. unfortuently that was the time we found we had 5 cracks in the hull and needed to head home ASAP.

    you ganna be at the tuna chase mate?

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Hey justin
    Thanks for the info, will be heading out this weekend to have a look. We will be fishing the tuna chase, hope to take this one out too. I have heard of a few fish up the coast so it might be less traveling this year.Probably see you up the coast.

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    Re: Bay Tuna


    Yeh was out last Saturday. It was very shitty early in the morning. Got alot better once the tide changed.

    Justin - were you guys in the tinny with the targa type roof.??? Pick my new Fenwick up tonight - give it a run tomorrow.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    g'day scotty and dave.

    yeah dave i think that was us, we where just sitting there blind flogging when we saw you.

    guess i will see you boys up there on thursday night. Good luck this weekend too.

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Thanks for the info guys managed to pull a 20kg longy on saturday in the bay down near M8 and also found a heap of stripeys out off Cape Moreton.
    Fish seem to be an early morning proposition. Looks like the comp might be a mack tuna comp though. Those pesky macs! Any way see yas on thursday night.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    which one is M8? we were out off bribie NW something (due east of about the second lagoon) heaps of macs caught and a few longtail seen.

    Only on one occaision did the LT's school up. I think Wes's fly scared them off
    20kg's of LT is a good effort- what fly did ya get it on?


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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Good Fish Mate.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Ive heard a rumour that the hervy bay boys from team longtale, have a new honda and are ready to clean up the whole comp. They have been getting heaps of fish and have developed a secret technique that will ensure longtails are pulled out of the middle of a mack tuna school. Its been working a trick so watch out for team longtale 2003 world champions. Cheers. From the gold coast bream specialist.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    nice fish scotty - saw the pic of the big bugger in rogers the other day too - far out thats an effort.

    did i bit of dirty live baiting out of m'bah on sunday and got a longtail about 23kg.

    from the folks i talked to there seems to be a fair few big longies around brays too.

    sea ya on thursday folks

    cheers, justin

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    My monies on Scotty and Shaun 8) for the tuna chase,they have a good driver named Jason a young bloke thats as keen as mustard,and learning real fast about the do,s and don'ts with with approching longies but he's had a bloody good teacher in Scotty.I don't know about secret technique's but the best way I know how to catch longies is to stay away from the mactuna and stay focused on the longies cause while you got a mac on the end you won't catch a longie.Just my two bobs worth,anyway all the best to all in the comp.Go hard Team Waterhaul make it a double.Rumour has it there,s some good fish east of Bribie you know where I mean Scotty say no more Paul Dolan

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Paul, but it's not over until the fat lady sings.


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    Re: Bay Tuna

    least the weather is looking good for us.

    [issued 1506 Wednesday]
    SE to E winds 10/15 knots. Seas to 1.2 metres. Isolated showers.
    Outlook for Friday ... SE winds 10 knots with local afternoon seabreezes.
    Outlook for Saturday ... Variable winds 5/10 knots with afternoon seabreezes.

    bring it on!!!!

    cheers, justin

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Hey Scott,

    Good to see you are getting a few fish.
    Say Hi to Roger and the boys.
    Let them know there are no more Tuna than Bream up here.

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    Re: Bay Tuna

    Here is a photo of Scott's fish,I took a photo of his photo and was not exactly sober at the time, so it's not the best.
    Top fish though, about 23kg.

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