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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Hi hiflyer
    It's acually called pete's rust bucket. It was a creation of a club member, of our fly club.
    It was to imatate small crustrations etc...
    it was originally tied in orange-rust colour.
    Inhance the name rust bucket.Used for bream at start but soon was used for many other speices,bass,toga,yellow,trev's,flathead,giant herring,jacks etc..........A good all round fly.
    If you pm me,with your address i'll send you
    regads steve

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Hi All,
    My favourite 3 flies would have to be
    - clouser minnow in white
    - lefty's deceiver in white
    - 3D fly in white

    All of the above in various sizes depending on the situation.


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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    hiflyer - sorry mate i missed your post...

    its sort of hard to explain but you use zonker strip and tie it in like you would wrap a hackle but instead of going a full rotation you only go half way (1800) Most people would say that you would use cross cut rabbit for that, but the zonker gives a better finish. Another thing, instead of using bead chain eyes, use the smallest dumbell eyes you can, you want to get it sinking as slowly as possible and let the rabbit really work its stuff.

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    In the sydney context these are my favourite flies:

    An "eyes" fly imitation

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    A white polar fibre silicone surf candy to imitate australian anchovies (does anyone know if the frogmout plicahrd is another name for the australian anchovy or something else?) Silicone is better than epoxy for this fly as it will enable it to ride higher in the water column which is a good thing for fussy salmon

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    And last, a very big clouser. This fly has been very successful at extracting kings from markers and buoys. Tied in all pink, green/yellow, chartreuse/white, purple/white. The length is the key to this fly, 17-25cm.

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Hi adam,
    putting the pete's rust bucket in the mail tonight. should recieve it in a few days or day ???
    regards steve

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Hey Martin,

    The Mega Clouser is a bloody big fly. You don't find fish hitting the tail and missing the hook. That looks to be on a 3/0 or 4/0 hook so there is a good 13 - 20cm of tail behind the hook.

    I have to say that it looks the goods for the Kings as it resembles the slugos that the spin guys use in terms of length and shape, but with a better action in the water. [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

    How does it cast? Youd have to be using a 10 weight or there abouts to chuck a fly that size with the big eyes on it.....


    p.s. I might tie some uo to try on the Pittwater Hoodlums.

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    got the rustbucket yesterday. Thanks for that.

    I guess it is like a crazy charlie with a chennille body and a rabbit fur wing really. looks pretty easy to tie. I might have to tie some up soon. What hook was it tied on?

    Thanks again


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    Re: what is your favorite fly


    Your observations are correct, you do get a lot of hits in the tail but there is a solution. It took me a while to figure this out and it also works for fish that just follow the fly. I took a leaf out of a kiwi guy's (who's on these boards, CraigW - I think) book. He was talking about a do nothing retireve when you get follows. Works a treat. If a king whacks the fly just stop. Jig the fly slightly every 5-10 seconds and wait. Some times you can feel them having mulitple hits until they bite the hook. I do this with every retireve now just in case there's a follow I didn't see.

    I throw the fly with a 9wt. A friend was using an 8. I use a LC-13 setup and can hoik it a fair distance but there are easier flies to cast.

    This techique was developed for kings hanging around structure in the harbour and botany. Not sure how it will go with the Pittwater kings as they school and bust up on the surface after small bait. Nevertheless, kings are so equisitive it stands a fair chance of being hit with a long flowing tail like that.


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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Hi adam,
    The hooook is a 34007 size 4 or 6 in mustard series.
    Good luck steve

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    Re: what is your favorite fly


    Thanx for the tip... Some of the kings that the guys in Pittwater get, hang around wharves and marker bouys, so the technique may be worth experimenting with......



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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Well those hoodlums are pretty deadly around structures, you can get them out a bit by giving them hell with trolled hookless poppers etc. Then when they get a fair chunk away from the thing feed them a fly, don't have it too long, 4" deceiver in white is pretty good.
    Cobia fall for this but you need to get them a fair distance away. Then hit the hook in and drop everything and they stop and swim around. Gently gently beats the hoodlums in open water. But are you sure kings are seeing all of the colours. Maybe they don't.Max

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Hi Martin I used your fly with diffrent material it is a killer I live in gold coast, the broadwater I didn't think there were so many kingies in it I caught them even on the sand the bigest I landed was 6 kg on 8wt the ones that cut me of on the rocks would have been 8-10 kg. for sure.
    I made the flies light and about 17 cm.eazy to cast and deadly on fish, never had any trouble with nibling on the tail they were all solid hook up first bite, looks like garfish in the water,slow strip worked best for me.
    thanks for the idea I am glad put this post on the fly chat,I would have put this letter earlier but computer packded in.
    cheers .vince

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] Excellent!! Glad you tried it out. That's awesome king fishing. I've yet to get one that big - been smashed a few times on marker chains by the big ones! Maybe this season.

    Welldone again! What material did you make it with!

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