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    what is your favorite fly

    Hi guys and girls, I was wondering what will it be if you could only choose three flies and what colors for salt water fishing in the bays and outside say from small bream to 8kg tuna.
    let see how every one differs with their favorite.
    cheers Vince.

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    1. Surf candy - olive/white
    2. Clouser minnow - chart/white, olive/white, chart/yellow.
    3.Rust Buckets - black, olive and rust.

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Can't say I have found any particular fly that does well consistently for bream. Maybe I have'nt tried hard enough. My favourite fly is the one which caught the last fish.

    If I had to choose three flies based on my limited experience I would say..........

    Flashy Profile or ALF type flies, I have only used blue so far.
    Polar Fibre Minnow in green, olive, pink or blue
    Deceiver or Clouser, how can I decide between these two? White, chartreuse, blue, olive or whatever matches the baitfish.

    Vince, what are your favourites?

    Justin, what is a Rust Bucket and what do you catch on them?


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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    adam - a rustbucket is basically a charlie pattern,first created to intice small mangrove jacks on the sunshine coast. Its tied with a chinelle body, with the wing consisting of a layer of bucktail, then over the top of that a layer of rabit fur. they sink nice and slow and have a great action and work well on bream and bass.

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Easy, A small white deceiver, a middling sized deceiver and a bit bigger deceiver. Kidding, but try a little white Deceiver about 2" long period. Max

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Hi Adam my favorite is white or chartreus deceiver, I have caught every type of fish with this fly.
    happy fishing.

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    my three would be 1 clouser
    2 deceiver
    3 whistler
    I use all of the above types in different sizes depending on target species and depth of water being fished. Colour WHITE.

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Always good to hear what flies other people are using.
    Might have to try a rust bucket on some fussy bream. Do you tie the rabbit fur on like you tie on bucktail, or do you have a strip of skin with fur attatched like some other flies?

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Forget all that flashy rubish,
    Bread fly, bread fly and bread fly, are all U need,use some bread berly and u can get em all...
    Get Kilkenny....

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Good Question!

    I'd go....

    1. Clouser (chart & white or orange)
    2. Eyes fly - great on the pelagics
    3. Crazy Charlie - olive, green or black

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    my favorite 3 flys are
    1 polar fibre candy,olive / white for tuna
    2 s.o.s polar fibre for bream
    3 polar fibre bait fish minnows for trevs

    i use polar fibre a lot ,because it has agreat action in the water.
    regards flytime

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Hi flytime that,s what I use for my deceivers they float like a fish in the water it is magic.
    cheers vince.

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    1 Bob Popovics "Ultra Shrimp" in Olive 2 Clouser minnow 3 Polar Fiber minnow by Paul Van readon. AND I just gotta add Poppers even though I dont use them in the salt as much as I should. MQ

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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    Thanks Justin

    I thought I understood what you meant, but then I read it again(with great confusion)and I have no idea. Do you know if there is a picture of this fly somewhere?



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    Re: what is your favorite fly

    1. A synthetic clouser in sea green/white with a bit of flash

    2. small surf candy tied to imitate a hardyhead

    3. Flashy Profile Fly in white/light green

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