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    1 to 2kg fly rod and reel for tarpon sunny coast

    giday fellas' as some of u ansa ppl would aware the extra weighing of a fly caught fish is allowed, #giving one a extra point scoring fish so im think about tarpon on fly in the mooloola river has anbody tried doing tarpon in this area on 1kg and what would be the most idea set up to purchase? also any stand out flys for tarpon? thx damon' ps. i have done some dry fly work in the western blue mountains area during the nymph hatch just b4 closing season but never in salt.

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    Re: 1 to 2kg fly rod and reel for tarpon sunny coa

    Its possible, I would recommend a shock leader at least 6kh as the rough mouth of tarpon could bring you undone.
    I use at least 4kg main line myself, cos I always strike them hard to get the hook point in.
    A fine very sharp hook is essential. i use Mustad Aberdeens

    Crazy charlie type flies in white with a gold body is a good starting point, or a woolly bugger in brown.

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    Re: 1 to 2kg fly rod and reel for tarpon sunny coa

    one day yellow and white clousers work well,the next red and white. i prefer the red and white myself.

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    Re: 1 to 2kg fly rod and reel for tarpon sunny coa

    Most of the ANSA Tarpon lure specialists use Maribou jigs or soft plastics on jig heads. They like a more vertical presentation so jigging through a school is the way to go. On 1kg you can't beat a yabbie on a chemical sharp hook. Also heard about people flattening out sinkers to make the Yabbie waft around more. Setting the hook will be the problem - have a hard mouth. On heavier fly leader you can strip set but on the light tippets you will be at the mercy of the fish. You will find you are going to gets lots of hookups that are going to come unstuck pretty early on - it is hard enough staying connected on reasonable tackle.

    Gold Coast would be the the number 1 Tarpon location these days. Bribie Bridge doesn't seem to produce like it used to. Further north Gladstone is a top spot producing heaps of records.

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    Re: 1 to 2kg fly rod and reel for tarpon sunny coa

    I forgot to mention to fight them with the rod tip down.
    if you fight with a high rod they will jump, which is fun but doesnt make it any easier. Dont worry if you lose a lot, it took me ten fish before I had one in the hand.
    If I had to catch em I would use soft plastics and keep changing the grub colour until they start hitting it.
    A fast erratic retreive is good.
    Do you know what they look like when they tail or blow bubbles? Sometimes you can target the rises, other times it is best to ignore these and cast to the general direction. How big do you guys catch them. My biggest is about 52 cm
    Cheers, Rob

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    Re: 1 to 2kg fly rod and reel for tarpon sunny coa

    Tarpies can pop tippets with the best of em,,, Id go for the shock tippet,even tiny 1s will bust 1kg.They can be fussy buggers too.Tasty looking epoxy shrimps work(sometimes) when they are switched off,,most smallish flies(whith in reason) work when they are in the mood.Good luck #MQ PS Im gona try and put a border around this pick so I dont stuff the spacing but I cant find how to do it.

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    Re: 1 to 2kg fly rod and reel for tarpon sunny coa


    I find Microsoft Photo Editor the best program to use to manipulate photos. It changes the bit rate and makes them heaps smaller as well as its crop functions are really easy to use.


    also thought of another Tarpon hotspot - Noosa river system.

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    Re: 1 to 2kg fly rod and reel for tarpon sunny coa

    thanks guys for the wealth of experience- one think though i can only leave for mooloolaba to manly as they r the comp bounds. i wonder how a shad tail would go on the fly is it still classed as a fly or would i have to ty some dog hair to it? hehe' these r tarpon im seeing and they r eat herrings tiny ones,i got a couple hook ups on live herring which they take down the gut so the boney mouth wasnt a problem(had one on for 1 hour before it went around a pylon need had the leader early but just missed it!i would of weight 2kg), but to weight as a fly caught jobby it might prove harder. maybe i should bait catch the tarpies and go for the frigates/bonito on the fly as this woulb easier for staying connected??? also on shock leader size i think 4kg is as heavy as you should go or it will affect ure strike rate!

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