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    Monster longtail on fly

    Hi Guys,

    I took my Dad out to try and collect longtails for the CSIRO research. He's never caught one on fly before and was wrapped when he got a 14kg fish. Not satisfied, he nailed this monster 29kg fish. It will be very interesting to see how old this fish is. We got this one off Bribie and we have hit quite a few 20kg+ fish lately so get out there! Just a hint though, we haven't seen a single longtail on the surface when we've hit them. So they are there lurking around.



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    Another picture

    Here's another pic

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    thats a stonker - bloody great job!

    Wes - how about this weekend mate?

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly


    Awesome fish Shane, absolutely awesome!


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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    OOOOOHHH Baby, Thats a dream fish.On fly its awsome? Anymore details?? We want the lot(not TOO many details if ya trying 2 b hushush),,Tippet,Fly,Fly size,Length of fight ect, ect.Sorry but Im a newbe to this "Tuna on fly" and Im starting to get a little hooked by it all.. Great fish. WES,,I Emailed you b4, Let me know if u r keen, . Matt Quinn

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly


    You don't need us to get you some fish for your research.

    Beginners luck . I'd rather be Lucky than Good. 14kg then 29kg that's unbelievable. Some guys(like me) have been flogging the water to a foam for years and haven't got a LT over 20kg. Tell us it was on fly

    Quinny and I have been culling the smaller fish and left your Dad with the monster.

    Some MasterBaiters(team_mongo, my brother George) don't believe you can land a LT over 20kg on fly.

    I can't get out there this weekend, family stuff. Maybe I'll take some leave.

    When you see a big one, you know why they are called Longtails.


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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    Now that bruises some bums cobber. Max

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    Shane:That looks a lot like Allan Griffiths from Shellharbour

    Knowing Allan - it would have been on fly.

    Great Fish 8)

    Regards Scotto

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    Hope Scott doesn't mind this going up again.

    Scott Matthews, Longtail on fly, mid 20s from Moreton Bay early summer.

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    Shane.. Question.. if no fish on surface how are you locating them????

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    Scott, also can you let us know how old that fish was..

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    Hi guy's
    I just got back from Bribe Is.Without knowing about this report.I had about 20 shots at longtails with one hookup.My flies were too big. There only eating very small baitfish.The schools started from the beacons at caloundra to the 3rd lagoon. Thats as far as i went down to today.They were in pods of about 8 fish.Good luck on the weekend
    Regards Steve

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    Huh???!!!! ???

    On fly? ???

    Or Live bait as this post suggest

    Somebody aint straight talking

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    Just spoke with Allan to clear this up (Allan is partners in "The Tackle Box" at Shellharbour - and was my Phys-Ed teacher in high school ).

    He was up for a wedding on short notice and had the opertunity to slip out with his son to wet a line.As it wasn't planned "they wheren't flyfishing" - rather using live slimies ( You can sleep again Wes - and I'm sure Noddy will be happy in the West as well ).

    Still a bloody nice fish and took 40 min's to subdue on 15kg gear.It will be very interesting to see how old the fish is as you don't see to many in this size range period

    Regards Scotto

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    Re: Monster longtail on fly

    Only thing that dissapoints me is the original post claiming 'monster longtail on fly'. Why do it?

    Especially as I got the heads up from another well known flyfisher and we spent a fair bit of his money on a long distance mobile phone call. Talk about crying wolf!

    Even tho' I have the current 10kg world record for flyrod longtails, it's there to be broken. As all records are. And I wish anyone who wants to give it a shot all the best.Just do it according to the rules and leave the bulldust on shore.

    Still a nice fish none the less and one of the biggest longtails heard of for a while.

    I've posted this pic elsewhere before but this is a geniune flyrod 24.5kg fish. The current world record.


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