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    Bonefish 1770/Agnes Water

    I see you guys love your bonefish? Up here at agnes Ive heard of quite a few being caught, mainly as incedental catches. There are probably more caught than anyone knows about by people who have no idea what they are.The one in the photo was shown to me by someone who thought it was some sort of deformed whiting. The biggest one I have heard of was caught by my son on agnes beach, it was approx. 500 mm long. He wasnt sure what it was at the time, so he released it and didnt have his camera at the time. After he described it to me we had alook at one in the book. Late last febuary while cast netting for prawns in round hill creek, we caught about seven or eight small ones about five inches long in our cast nets. Where or when they breed I have no idea, does anybody know if they breed in estuaries? Not having yet delved into fly fishing myself, I have not gone looking for them specificaly. I would assume that a good place to start would be on the sand flats around the mouth of either roundhill, eurimbula, middle or jennylind creeks. All of these creeks have reasonable areas of flats and i guess a rising tide would be the time to have a look. Does anybody know if there is a particular time of year that would be best to have a go? If any bodie can help with some info or would like to have a go themselves let me know.
    Cheers agnes_jack.

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    Re: Bonefish 1770/Agnes Water

    I'm no expert, but up in the Pacific where I go, the locals fish for them most around full moon. Having said that, they do seem to be able to net them week in week out!

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