any1 interested in buying a Fenwick Iron Feather 9ft 7wt fly rod with Orvis battenkill Large arbour + backing + 2 fly lines (Orvis clear Intermediate wonderline and SA floating Saltwater taper, both 7wt lines), good all round light saltwater/heavy freshwater rod, and also a 8ft 4wt Innovator Rubicon fly rod + reel&backing + SA floating XPS taper (perfect trout set up for small spring creeks etc and other smallish species type fishing) please contact me via email nic_s8676@hotmail.com or mobile 0401 937 878 ----- $650 the lot or individually 7wtFenwick + Reel and lines etc $500, 4wtRubicon + reel and lines etc $150.
ps. i realise this should of gone in the classified bit, but i figured ppl would have more interest in the 'fly chat' area with something to do with flyfishing than in amongst boat bits etc.