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    "hooked on fishing"

    Righto, for all of you who live in QLD and get the sunday mail, have a look at the above mentioned section.

    Obviously this has been created for the beginner/kids/famly to start fishing in QLD and have a QLD theme, but the article on page 3 i find very very very funny.

    You don't have to read the article, just glance at the page!

    For those who aren't in the backwards state or just didn't get the paper, the article is "From beaches to backwater"

    One of the photos is Matt Hayden (proff. Cricketer) with a fly rod in his teeth and a nice size fish in his hands....

    The fish you ask? Its a trout!

    Well i think its amusing....

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    Re: "hooked on fishing"

    geez, with all the picts of Hayden holding fish like Mahi (Dolphin Fish) and GT's and such he's taken on fly, you'd think they'd make a better choice then a fish not even in our waters!


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    Re: "hooked on fishing"

    You'll also notice no mention of in the helpful fishing websites.

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