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    Re: Same old argument,,,,,,,,

    By the way, the original Macedonian flies were not cast, nor were Juliana Berners flies, or any other flies until the 18th century when the poms or somebody invented casting lines. Flies were dapped on the surface on the end of a short line on a very long rod, which, if the fish was large and boysterous was simply dropped on the water to act as a load.
    All these "fly is not a fly unless" theoriues are modern bull dust generated by the Dry fly purists in what are really modern times. I have done some serious research on this subject and flies were used in salt water in 50bc and even before that time. And they did not have casting lines then, nor reels nor runners. So tradition says a fly is just another lure, just what the Heron used before men existed. And they used real insects, twigs, seeds, and their own feathers to fool fish. A green Backed heron is known to use 5 different baits if there are 5 different species of fish in a waterway. They are not dumb those Herons.
    Man is just a copiest, of a bird. Max

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    Re: Same old argument,,,,,,,,

    And I forgit this bit. In 1400 in Bavaria there wre 50 known fly patterns and they used them to catch trout, tench, carp and perch. And they also caught catfish, very smart guys those Germans. Max

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