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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Hi Dead Duck and Killed Kenny.
    Both of you people may have had one too many Kilkenny's and you thinking has become a bit soft?

    So, ok, whens the big show, when are you intending to feed our creatues of the sea ?
    Now put make it all worth while, please wait till the Whales are moving and we can obtain some super footage of a big white in a Yak attack, it will do wonders for their sales, I am sure.

    Or, just wise up and give your blood to the Blood bank, they need it badly, and more so over a holiday weekend.

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    m'bah would be a good shot - try just out the front of alex heads and work your way north around the tide line from the maroochy river and on up to old woman island. If you cant get any tuna there should be some nice talior and trevs hanging around in the washes at old woman, and you may still be able to troll up a few small school mackeral on your way to and from.

    good luck, Justin

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Mooloolaba is a very good option, pretty quiet, plenty of other yak attak fellas rowin around out there, so u prolly wouldnt be alone on a good day


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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Hey sNelly! I just noticed you're typo (at least I hope it was a typo! )......It's "El-CARPO", not "El-Cr@po"! Don't feel bad, I make the same mistake all the time . If it wasn't a typo, you're going to be known as "Smelly" from now on >..... . Just kidding. I don't care at all either way. Just thought it was funny. Though "El-Cr@po" does more accurately describe my fishing skills at times.

    So, have you guys gotten around to any of this ocean kayak fishing yet or are you still thinking it over and/or making preparations? When you go, let us know how you fared O.K.? You've got us all interested.
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Yup, wees are ready to go this weekend...
    Up north and on to old Bazzers island eh...
    Ole Kilkenny. [smiley=wut.gif]

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    El Carpo,

    I must confess it was not a typo but I did missread your name.

    My apologies.

    Tell us about what El Carpo menas

    Cheers SNELLY

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Hi Snelly,

    I got your PM and sent a reply.

    I figured it was just a mistake. I knew you were a good guy. I was just clowning around and pretending to be upset. Hope you didn't think I was angry or anything. Sorry, if you did.

    O.K., now to the origins of "El Carpo." Well, it's like this. A few years ago, I had a horrible string of bad luck. It seemed that no matter where we fished or what we fished for, all I could catch were carp. I'd even get them on spinner-baits!!! All sizes...carp after carp after carp. Well, anyone who has brothers knows how they can be. They started making up nick-names for me to celebrate my misfortune and drive me crazy. I was, "Big Chief Dances With Carp", "Rubber lips", "Carp Boy", "Dough Bait", etc. etc. etc. until one day I said, "Enough already! Think of one good name and stick with it, will you please?!!! You're driving me mad!!!!!!!" They thought long and hard and after much debate, they came up with "El Carpo" which I think means "The Carp" in Spanish. They based it after the comic book hero "El Zorro" which means "The Fox." They have a whole story line to go along with it. They even do the accent when they get on a real roll.----"El Carrrrpo, joo must save dee veelage frrrom the eeeevil General catfeeeesh! Porrr Favorrrr! El Carrrrpo! Use your magical dough bait and corn to save us!" It's annoying but it is kind of funny and it passes the time well when the fish aren't biting so I don't complain.

    So there you have it. The legend of "El Carpo" revealed!

    Thanks again Snelly for explaining and I really was just kidding. No offense was taken at all. In fact, I thought it was kind of funny even if you had done it on purpose.
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    El Carpo,

    No probs - Interesting story that

    I thought only the POM's had those useless things

    Some people over here find them good sport with a 12gauge


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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    They use bows and arrows over here. Bow fishing. Never tried it myself.
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Great story El Carpo...enjoyed it. (I too was wondering the origins). Hope to bump into oyou on the water someday.

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Ha ha, well, believe me nat. I'd really love to get a chance to fish with you and the rest of the Ausfish community some day but I'm living in Chicago, IL, USA and unless I win the lottery or something, I don't think I'll be able to afford a trip to Australia any time soon. # #That's my way of saying I'm flat broke. # #Ah well, maybe in my next life eh? # ??? Wait, I'm Catholic, I don't believe in reincarnation! #I better start collecting some pennies! #Some day! #Some day!
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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