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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Justin,Kenny,,,,I found what sounds like the same artical in a US sport fish mag. Great read, Although there not using flygear (theres some inshore Redfishing with fly from the yaks),,,,,,,, Id give it a go with spin gear/handlines like these guys..If you want the mag Ken, give me a ring,.These guys are fully rigged, Sounders and sea ancors on a yak,,, that old tinnys lookin cheaper/less trouble already hey Ken.... MQ.

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    thats the one quinny - also got one with some dudes chasing Black Drum (more weird arse yankee fish) with yaks. Should of seen the longtails at noosa today - eating 20-40cm longtom - try and match that profile!!

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Well, I hope you guys are safe and know what you're doing. #Here's a site I found that has a forum for kayak fishermen. #There is information about kayaks as well as pictures of guys fishing in their 'yaks. #Looks like a lot of fun but kind of risky. #It's up to you. #You're big boys. #Please be safe.

    Be sure to check out the post titled, "Back from the East cape." Amazing pics of the guy fighting a marlin.
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak


    Its ok to do crazy things, I've done this sort of thing before. You must realise that if you done it properly without mishaps then you're the greatest but if you stuff up and get into trouble and get rescued then be prepared because the media will show you as the biggest idiot in the country.

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak


    With all the people that will be out there filming us, we won't be too far from anyone... [smiley=laola.gif]

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Duck & Kenny ,

    Get out there NOW !!!!!!!!!

    I want to see you's on Channel 7 tonight at 7-30pm

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Hi Jon.
    Who are you addressing the Dead Duck and the Killed Kenny?

    Does channel 7 run Funnisest Home Videos ?
    Just think with a dead duck and a killed kenny you could win thousands of dollars of prizes, better odds than Gold Lotto.

    Then a re run, the second coming, called 'Look in the Shark's Belly', more free prizes from Funnest Home Videos.

    After that Dale could be used sticking the bits back together, another movie, this is all too easy, I will have to phone MovieWorld and explain the story and how we have these two people that are willing to die so the TV and all can make a quick dollar, fantastic, hey, might even get a Federal Govenerment grant, to make 3 movies about how to die in , what could be call it, Jaws 4, 5 and 6 or Kenny and the Dead Duck 1, 2 and 3.

    Now please wait a while till the Whale season starts full time, that way we can get some great footage of a White Shark attacking a 'YAK' while thinking its a baby Whale, o' another chance for a movie.

    This time, even the Greenies will love the move, this time we will cut all the bits left on the floor and reconstruct the movie, hey, we will make millions out of you guys , We are up to Kenny and the Dead Duck 4.

    Then if we obtain managerment rights over your families, we can even con the TV stations out of a couple of hundred thousand dollars.
    Fantastic !
    Which brings the conclusion to, you won't be around to enjoy the beautiful Earth we live on or the beautiful things that live here. But everybody else enjoyed your death or loss of leg.
    Best of luck and please inform me when your going.

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Here is the program for tonight on Channel Seven

    6.00 Seven News
    6.30 Today Tonight
    7.00 Home and Away
    7.30 Stupid Behaviour: Caught on Tape
    8.28 Powerball
    8.30 Starship Troopers

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Hi Jon,
    Did I see, the new programing,
    Here is the program for tonight on Channel Seven

    6.00 Seven News, featuring Dead Ducks
    6.30 Today Tonight, why do Ducks Die
    7.00 Home, Away and Dead Ducks
    7.30 Stupid Behaviour: Caught on Tape Why Ducks Die
    8.28 Powerball
    8.30 Yakship Troopers Dead and Alive
    11.15 Closed and Dead


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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    [smiley=angel.gif] #[smiley=angel.gif]
    ##Duckbill # # # Kilkenny

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    LMAO! #

    Yes, tragedy struck and sent them to heaven where they fished and fished from their kayaks in peace until tragedy struck again and they were eaten by angel sharks and sent to fisherman's hell.....better known as Chicago. #So, will I be seeing you down at Montrose harbor? #You're the new guys so you're buying the bait!

    Are you all familiar with "South Park"?-----"Oh my God, you Killed Kenny! You bas#@$d!"
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    El Crapo,

    I thought of South Park and Kill Kenny the other day

    I was waiting for someone to come up with that one


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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    And on channel 9 the line up for tonight is:

    6.00 News. Top Story - gets award for best fishing forum.
    6.30 A Current Affair. - The good and bad sides of swimming in surf. We talk to guys who have witnessed attacks, been in attacks and others who weren't even there but want to join in simply to get on TV
    7.00 When animals attack - Rare footage of australian animals like the drop bear, hooping snake, and others.
    7.30 Jackass
    8.30 Movie: Grumpy Old Men (sponsered by Talon)
    10.30 Merrick & Rosso Unplugged

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Hey boys,

    Why not do your kayaking here in the Torres Straits, not only you have to put up with hordes of sharks but crocs too. Many have paddled from Cairns to Thursday Island with SE wind assistance. By the way have you figured out how you guys gonna land a tuna? From my experience of fishing from a kayak, a flathead proved to be a challenge with the flyrod to get the fish alongside the 'Yak and unhook the fish.

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    How about off the beach at Mooloolaba??? A bit less sharky and more sheltered???

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