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    Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Just got myself a Hobie Mirage Outback fishing kayak, and I was contemplating launching off the beach at Bribie and going out to chase some tuna... Any thoughts, suggestions, comments are most welcome...

    Lots of crazy yanks do that over in the US, how about over here?

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    count ya toes

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    try noosa - there seems to be heaps of macs and mackeral just off the bar at the moment - and if you get into trouble there are lots of boats around to help you out - unlike bribie.

    watch out for the sharks but!

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Is the shark issue a big problem? The kayak is 12' long and quite wide, so I don't think it would be a tempting profile....

    Any more thoughts?

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    We spent a lot of time chasing Tuna off Bribie last year and there was a 10 foot plus resident Whaler Shark which liked to hang around the boat. We lost a few fish to it. I think it learnt that any boat in that area was after Tuna and it was after an easy feed.

    Would be fun though........but don't fall in.

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    I don't think the Yank Yakkers know too much about Whaler sharks and their love of tunnies. I'd be a bit careful where I put the Yak. The dam things are dangerous and can bite Yaks big time. I watched a program last night on whites and surfboards, very nasty and they get up into Qld waters. the idea makes me shudder. Max

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    wouldnt get on that kayak if you paid me

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    If you look at you will see a yak club has been formed by Billy watson . They regually go out and catch big tuna and mackeral. But it's not for me though to many bities out there !
    Good luck Steve

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    The tiger shark that took a tuna at the boat last year was every bit as long as my 4.5m hornet. BIG FISH. It was only 500m off the shore, just down from the swimming beach.

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    I too saw that tiger last year, took at least 2 macks that I know of, & very close to the boats in ?. I would be very reluctant to take a kayak out there as the sharks are known to hang under your boat & wait for a free feed . When they lunge at the tuna's they cause quite a bow wave under the boat (almost knocked me off my feet).
    Cheers Chris

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Id be getting familiar with the local dams and the awsome flyfishing they have, our Bass is a great fish and the Togas are THE best flyrod fish in Qld.Since I started fishing"out the front" I havent been swimming at Bribie as much as I used too.Most sharkings happen at the boat too, they like to let you watch Matt Q

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Thanks for all the info. Just to tranquilise you all, I won't be going out there anytime soon. First I will get used to it on lakes, then slow moving rivers and estuaries, but maybe sometime in the future I will go out there and try. After all what is life without the occasional jolt of adrenalin...

    What about staying inside the shark nets? do the tuna go there as well?

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    If the tuna can get inside the "shark net" so can the sharks

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Whoa! What a picture Quinny69! Bit clean off!

    There was a story a while back that happened here (I think California) about a sea kayaker. He goes out for a paddle amongst the seals (you know, the things the sharks eat). Sure enough, BAMMO! A great white whacks the kayak from beneath. The kayak gets bit clean in half right behind him. He goes flying in the air, half of his kayak goes with him and splash! By a miracle alone, the shark doesn't eat the guy as he swims back to shore.

    From this story and that photo, I'd say you made the right decision to stay in the inland waters. Unless, of course, there are poisonous water snakes and/or killer crocodiles about!
    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-- Mark Twain"

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    Re: Chasin' Tuna on a yak

    Hi duckbill
    When I had my sea kayak I used to go out through the Maroochy bar and then troll to Mooloolaba, was never bothered by sharks.
    What method do u use?
    By the way u didnít happen to be at borumba dam a few weekends ago did you?

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