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Thread: 10 wt SWF Reel.

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    10 wt SWF Reel.

    Hi guys .
    looking at buying a 10/11 wt swf reel to go a 7'6" tom thumb.Any suggestions.???.targeting cod,barra,skinnies and trevs when i get the chance.
    Willing to pay $200-$350,if that's not cutting it to fine.

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    Re: 10 wt SWF Reel.


    I've got a Loomis Syncotech 10-12 weight with backing and I'll throw in a 11# weight floater for $300.

    E-mail me if your interested.


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    Re: 10 wt SWF Reel.

    i've got a Shakespeare Condex 9 - 12wt reel. only want $80 all setup. 100m of 35lb mono - 250m braid - 30m 10wt line.

    let me know if your interested

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    Re: 10 wt SWF Reel.

    G'Day George
    I saw one of your Tomthumbs up at Faust last year, they sure look like a tuff little rod. If I had one of em I'd put something on it that was large arbour & light, you don't need a heep of backin on it cos those barra will stitch ya up before it leeves the reel
    Cheers Chris

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    Re: 10 wt SWF Reel.

    Hi Chris.
    Just built the last tom thumb.Blanks no longer available.Extended it to 7'6".Bit more distance and still plenty of power in the arse end.
    What reel would suggest.?????????
    Cheers george.
    PS.Going to faust this year.???.Hows Mike hunt>????

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    Re: 10 wt SWF Reel.


    You can get an Old Florida LA No66 reel for $398 or a Lamson Velocity V4 for $410.


    Fly World

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    Re: 10 wt SWF Reel.

    Go the Lamson V4 new model, Spend the extra and you don't have to worry about being blown away!


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    Re: 10 wt SWF Reel.

    why not have a look at a Scientific Anglers systems II. They can handle the tough stuff

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    Re: 10 wt SWF Reel.

    ive got a 10/11 weight ###### trillium reel for never used for $300.00 have a look around for the retail price and you will see this is a excellent price .

    email =

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