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    #&*@!*#% BANANA on BOARD !!!

    Great day out guys, good to meet new faces and catch up with old.
    Hope we can organise a similar get together on a more regular basis...
    Got a fair idea why Duckbill Dave and I didnt see a scale....He got a bit peckish at about 9, and decided to pull a banana out of his bag...
    May as well have headed straight back to the ramp .Proof is attached.

    Seriously, a great day. Thanks Steve for the BBQ. Seeu you all again.

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    Re: #&*@!*#% BANANA on BOARD !!!

    Yes a great day out. Shame about the fishing, but good to put some faces to names and meet up. Hope to do again. Thanks for the BBQ Steve and thanks to Dave for organising the event.

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    Re: #&*@!*#% BANANA on BOARD !!!

    What? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

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    Re: #&*@!*#% BANANA on BOARD !!!

    Justifiable Homicide! Duckbill is now berley.

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    Re: #&*@!*#% BANANA on BOARD !!!

    yer great day guys [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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    Re: #&*@!*#% BANANA on BOARD !!!


    Neophytes mistake....

    Thanks for the ride nat, great boat you have there...

    Looking forward to the next one, I will leave the bananas to the monkeys!!!

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    Re: #&*@!*#% BANANA on BOARD !!!


    Wat the ???

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    Re: #&*@!*#% BANANA on BOARD !!!

    Desciple, learner, apprentice, student, etc..( I had to look that up while reading a 'fishing world' column a few years back...)
    But he was no neophyte with the fly rod...was blasting the casts out beautifully.

    Great to have you on board yesterday Dave...Let me know when your free for a Yak fish in Noosa Bay or Lake Mcdonald.

    Double W. lets get dates fixed for HB...

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