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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Isnt that just the best looking water u've ever seen

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    thanks to every one who had anything to do with the organisation of the day, had a ripper of a time dispite the lack of fish.

    Hopefully we can all do it again in the near future.

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Thanks to everyone who turned up, and a big thanks to the chef, who cooked up a great BBQ. [smiley=chef.gif]

    It was great to finally put some faces to the names, and I am looking forward to the next one... (Rooneys...)

    And once again I would like to apologize to all for jinxing the day with that snack I had

    But now I know better... [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Well, while you guys were lurking down around Bribie, i was lurking Mooloolaba river trying to get out of the winds doing this at 4pm this arvo

    Unfortunately, the fish just were not playing!!!! oh well, try next time!!


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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Hi All,
    Had a great day out also , thanks Quinny for the company out fishing, Duckbill for organiser,witchdoctor for the snapshots and all the new fellow flyfishers i met.Also thankyou to Steve Brown (ausfish) for letting us use this web site to organize a meet and greet.
    Thanks for a great day
    Steve #
    Duckbill time to start a poll for oct- GOLDENS ?

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Thanks to the organisers and attendee's- it was good.

    There were some great boats there too.

    The october golden trip sounds great.

    Witchdoctor- great pics mate

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    M&G at Hervey Bay sounds good. I think Roonies would be out of the range of the smaller boats, (150 km round trip) especially if it blew up. But fishing the bottom end of the Bay for Tuna, Goldens, Queenies, etc would be a good option. What is the best time of year for these? October onwards........I'm keen.

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Count me in on a Hervey Bay M&G.

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Yes, twas a great day fersure,,, Thanks Steve for putting up with me onboard again, really enjoyed it, always learning.
    There was some awsome boats there to perve on, good to have a yarn with some old faces and new, good food, BEER If there were some fishes it would have been a fantastic day. Bananna Boy, better start getting us planed for the Hervey/Rooneys trip,we dont want you organising the food but, cant have another Bananna (like a box full,"a few for each boat")episode,,,,,,
    Maybe we should look for a long weekend for the Hervey Bay trip,Is there any around that time?cant wait for it, I love Hervey, only fished there a couple of times, (I cant catch fish up there though only watch Wes do it) #see you guys again next M&G. #Quinny

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    How about the last weekend in Sept.
    25th and 26th ( with the full moon on the 28th)
    Good mid day lows...tuna in the morning, goldies for lunch...
    Hope the waters warm and the tails are glinting ....

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Hi All,
    Sounds good to me

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    25th and 26th sounds excellent... Where should we stay? Never been up there, but am keen to go and catch some of those goldens...

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    I have been following you fellas escapades on this thread and when you mentioned a M&G at Hervey Bay I thought I might see if I could get onto some of these cheap flights and bum a lift with one of you guys. But Spetember 25 & 26th will see me at the Saltwater Flyfishing Challenge at Boynoe Harbour


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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    The caravan park across from the boat club is pretty good and reasonably cheap.


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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    luv the avatar Duckbill [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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