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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Voltzy, Krolla # you guys have got room for Uncy Bazza dont ya, #40yrs of SWF experiance, We can finnally get some tips on how to catch these Tuna,,,,,,,,,,,,, [smiley=evilgrin.gif] ,,,,,No room in Flytimes hornbag for 3,,DAMN.
    NAT , #Will you be bringing some SaGE gear for us to fondle [smiley=smartass.gif] while the burgers are cooking?
    Ive just spent the morn at the beach #[smiley=mellow.gif]and it wasnt to bumpy at all, hope its good weather on Sun. Cant wait, flytimes the master of sneaking up on Longys, and good company, I may even land Longy no2 for the year (Im gettin cocky now). See Yas there... #mq

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Hey Quinny,
    Whats this flyfishing and catching longtails business. I didn't think deckies done those sort of things ? ??? I thought you were tying on my flies , handing out the sangers , getting me drinks and tailing "my" longtails .Been out once and your captain already

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Yep...SAGE XI2's rigged and ready, an 8 and a 10 wt.

    RE stains left on the rods though please....

    Forecast isnt looking too bad...the high should be well out of range by Sunday.

    Let's hope we see a few of these....

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Hey David, Lucky Mick and I may be up a little later than 6-6.30am (we're old farts and usually run on 'gentlemen's hours'). Looking at the tide times (always a good thing before going fishing) I don't think a later start will handicap us - remember no run no fun. Hope this isn't the case for all you early starters given that dead low tide will be around 0845 on Sun. No doubt we'll find you guys, just keep a look out for us -we'll be the one's pretending to look like we know what we're doing!
    For the tackle fondlers, I'll bring up a couple of Scott S3s', same as Nat though - keep it in your trousers - no stains please!
    Oooh, there's a thought, maybe Wes will be there with a gloomis and/or abel that we can bust.

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Hi all.

    Looking good for Sunday. Count me in for a burger etc.
    Current forcast is NE/NW 10 to 15 so it should be sweet.
    See ya all there


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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Jeez Steve, I didnt think youd wanna fish >,,,,,spose you can have a cast or 2,,, anyway TrUST ME you dont want me tying on your flies, I have a problem with loop knots, mine break at lower % than anyones,,,,,,,, um forget I said that yeh Ill rig up for ya. MQ

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Looking forward to sunday, bbq , beers , longtails.......etc
    steve #

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Sounding better and better for sunday...

    Low winds, new rods to play with, food and drinks.... I am getting a bit suspicious... Maybe Mother Nature has a surprise in store for us to bring the balance back... Tsunami? Flash cyclone? Packs of jumping white sharks?

    Looking forward to it, and will bring my camcorder just in case the sharks and the cyclones show up

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Is the bbq on the beach? My dog ate through the cabling on my trailer lights so I was gonna put in at the Scarborough ramp which is nice and close. Will only do it if we're pulling the boats on the beach for the eating though.. If not, no biggie, I'll just have to make sure I fix the lights before Sunday.


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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet


    the BBQ will be in the picnic area right next to the ramp, so you should be fine if you pull up on the beach there. Should be able to keep your eyes on the boat... [smiley=devil.gif] [smiley=rifle.gif]

    See you Sunday

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Wichdoctor and I might be bringin another fello flyfisher ( if the wife lets him ) u guys might know him from the tackle warehouse (Keith Gough)

    All looking good for sunday

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Oh my god! I thought for a moment there we were going to have Gordon McDonald, Uncle Barry and Wes in the same place at the same time!

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    lucky i didnt mean gordo then by the sounds of it [smiley=wiseguy.gif]

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Double Whammy, what I was actually hinting at was given gordo's obviously great at landing big sharks, he'd be just the bloke to have around on Sunday - plenty of berley, some big baits in the water...... duckbill on his kayak, uncle barry with video camera (and advice on choreography/camera angles etc), large white pointers (right time of year) ....and finally to set the scene - Wes trying to catch (and land) a noah on a gloomis. wouldn't miss it for quids!


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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    sorry i missed that angle all together

    but u are right it would be somthing wouldnt it [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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