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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Quote Originally Posted by Quinny69
    Krolla,,, not Voltzy,,,,, hes just such a show off,,,,,,, "Im the greatest", "Quinny, ya gotta do it like this....." ect ect. Just get him to drop my pressy from the states over and tell him ya sick, #then turn up, you can fish with Killkenny.
    Thunnus , # My boss phoned and asked me to work on Sun, #I told him to "go away ", or something like that. Sundays sounding like too much fun to be at work.
    Heres hoping the weather is good, other wise we may have to sit at the ramp all day ,BSing and drinking.or Flatty fishin.. #MQ
    haha - After that serve, Voltzy will punish you by following 100 yards behind and catching anything you try to cast at. It'll be in the net before your fly hits the water.

    btw, put me down for a burger!

    (running too)

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    He,ll do that anyway It was very refreshing to hear he lost 1 last weekend ,,,,,Q

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    David, don't be confused by the originator, using the work computer - got another boat for Sunday (Lucky Mick), he's keen as so I'll go as his non boater. Count us both in for the BBQ. Fingers crossed on the weather. See you there!


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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Duck bill...You fishing with me , Just double checking.

    Have a charter there on Friday so will let you all know the latest after that....


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    Updated attendee list

    Here is the list of people that have confirmed:

    Nat Bromhead
    Lucky Mick
    Gcourt + Thomas +Mario

    All are OK with the burger option, that makes it 14 [smiley=gossip.gif] [smiley=gossip.gif] [smiley=gossip.gif] [smiley=gossip.gif] [smiley=gossip.gif]

    Total boats are 9 which means room to spare... [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

    Zeeke and JackLivesHere still haven't confirmed their presence. [smiley=huh2.gif]

    Any more feedback on the BBQ start time???

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Re Times; How about meet at ramp bet 6.00 & 6.30am & return Around 1.00 pm for BBQ at 1.30-2.00, Then maybe beat the trafic back to Brisvegas ???

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet


    Your time suggestion sounds good, especially as far as beating the traffic is concerned. I think that the best thing is to set the meeting time (6-6:30) and then once we are all there we can decide on the return to ramp/BBQ time.


    It would be great to fish with you. I have a lot to learn...

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    I'll be fishing with Matt Knoll in Coca Knolla.

    Jack- missed your call the other day- we'll play "phone tag" again later this week

    Quinny, I'll have to sort out that shit i bought back for ya, its all over the place ATM. Bring on the "Delta Death".

    Is wes coming? I'll bring head gear if he is

    See ya's there.


    PS Randall, you know where ya can stow those spin rod's buddy... leave them on the lounge. hehe

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    Hey think flattery will get you the first shot of the day do you

    Looking forward to the outing....see you at the ramp at 6.


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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet


    got you down for food as well...

    Nat, a bit of flattery always works wonders...

    Looking good for saturday (10-15knots) , fingers crossed for sunday

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    i wont be able to make it, sorry fellas, got visitors here from Melbourne and they will want to go fishing on the weekend... so ive been stuck with them, sorry


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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    david - roster has been changed for the weekend and have been able to get sunday off.

    question is there room on a boat for me?

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    G,day All
    you can fish with me if you like.
    might be a good idea to put up a list of boats and passengers.

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet


    Was just about to do that. I spoke with flytime and he will be there with food for 20. [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

    Current boat list is:

    1. nat and duckbill
    2. witchdoctor and double whammy
    3. Chris Y and thunnus
    4. flytime and quinny
    5. DazB and jackliveshere (dave please confirm ???)
    6. Matt and Voltzy
    7. gcourt, Mario and Thomas
    8. wrightone and Lucky Mick

    please let me know if there are any problems with this.

    Meet at Spinnaker between 6 and 6:30

    seems to be working out [smiley=laola.gif]

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    Re: Tunny Club Meet & Greet

    thanks David
    as I said in the PM ,if you need another boat let us know and i'll bring mine up as well.

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