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    Re: Tuna get together at Tin Can...

    Thunnus and others....

    Tough again up there today

    Fished with Justin Duggan (Sydney Fly Fishing Guide) , Jacko and Paul Meneely...

    Great conditions early on but the breeze came up at about 9ish and was cranking by 11.

    Did manage one longy deep dredging which was fun...

    Got tailor, pike, wolfies and a few other ooglies to fill the day in but it was tough...

    Dredgded longy...This fish picked up the barely moving fly, off the bottom in 12 metres !!!

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    Re: Tuna get together at Tin Can...

    good day chaps,
    well I certainly miss those days out with flytime chasing those tuna.

    Down here in MEXICO I have still to catch my first trout
    so far only got the flu

    g'day to steve , nat,quinney & mario sure had a ball at the expo 8)


    alias tin_a_tuna

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